The male breast is composed of fat (adipose) and connective (fibrous glandular) tissue.

Liposuction for male breasts is a cosmetic procedure used to remove unwanted pouches of fat without damaging the skin or surrounding muscles. Liposuction for men on the breasts, abdomen, flanks and jowls are the most common areas treated. Male breast tissue is usually located immediately under the nipple and is firmer than the surrounding fatty tissue.

A mammogram can help the doctor asses where the fatty tissue is located. It is easier to remove fatty tissue located near the breast than it is in the glandular region.

Liposuction is performed with a typically smaller tube inserted into small incisions in the breast. Unwanted tissue is then removed through a suction pump carried through the small tubes. Local anesthesia is used throughout the procedure to keep the patient at ease, and after surgery is complete, stitches will be placed along incision lines. Compression devices should be applied 18 to 24 hours post surgery in order to avoid bleeding and bruising.

Laser liposuction is a procedure found to be very successful among men that have relatively normal weight, but isolated pockets of fat, such as the breast. Because lasers emit heat, the skin contracts, giving a tightening affect as well. Laser liposuction used in conjunction to surgical liposuction can yield the best results depending on the patient’s goals. Laser liposuction used alone is generally used for body contouring, achieving a normal breast shape, instead of used as a weight loss solution.