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Neck and Back Hair Removal for Males

Written by Dr. Rokhsar

Get Rid of Neck and Back Hair in NYC

Hair can grow in thickly on a man’s neck and back, and while men may not necessarily want all of their hair removed, they may want it thinned out. Laser hair removal treatments are typically different for men than they have been for women.

Regardless of location or gender, laser hair removal is a quick, safe and virtually painless way to remove unwanted body hair. The laser light energy penetrates the hair shaft and actually kills the hair root. The actual follicle isn’t completely destroyed, which allows eventual hair growth but it makes it a more difficult and slower process. This ensures results will last for a long time compared to any other treatment available.

In one hour or less, most body areas can be hair free or thinned. Because men can grow hair almost anywhere on their body, it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Repetitive hair removal costs can be up being a more expensive hassle than simply removing the hair in an in-office treatment session. The amount of treatments depends on the patient’s individual cosmetic goals, skin and hair color, and coarseness of the hair. Treatments can range from three to five sessions, however for significant hair reduction of 85 to 90 percent can be achieved after four treatments.

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar uses the ND:Yag Laser. This laser is the latest in laser hair removal technology and is proven effective with male hair removal because of its effectiveness to treat thicker hair. The back of the neck is especially ideal for laser treatments because of how prominent the hair grows and how difficult it is to remove with a razor or waxing. Back of the neck hair growth also usually means that there is hair growth down the back, which, men who have to deal with it know how difficult it is to remove. Laser hair removal is the ultimate choice for this type of hair growth.

If you want to get rid of back hair in NYC, Dr. Rokhsar is an excellent resource, so schedule a consultation today!