Surgical vs. Non Invasive Options

A typical nose job, also known as rhinoplasty, is a plastic surgery correcting procedure used to reconstruct, reshape, reduce or augment the nose to a desired form for functional or cosmetic reasons. Whether the patient had experienced a nose injury, needs repair for nasal airway problems, has a misshapen or displeasing nose because of genetics, this procedure can be used to treat a variety of issues. The procedure usually lasts between one to two hours. Candidates for the procedure who have completed facial growth are 13 years of age or older and are physically healthy.

Patients who are surgery averse may prefer the non-surgical nose job. Dr. Rokhsar appeared on ABC’s “The Today’s Show” to share his expertise on this non-invasive procedure he pioneered. Dr. Rokhsar explained the 15-minute procedure that involves little to no pain, bruising, swelling or downtime. The procedure utilizes a cosmetic dermal filler called Radiesse to reshape the nose. Radiesse is made up of smooth calcium hydroxyl, a substance naturally found within the body so it will not cause any allergic reactions. Because it is a natural substance, it is biodegradable and is eventually naturally digested into the body, making the non-invasive nose job last one to two years. Those with unwanted nose bumps can smooth and reshape the nose, while also augmenting the nasal bridge if desired.

During the procedure, topical anesthesia is applied to the nose to reduce any discomfort and numb the area. Small amounts of Radiesse is injected below the skin and placed directly onto the nasal bone and cartilage. Results are instantly visible after the procedure and as the filler Radiesse filler spreads to its intended areas, final results are achieved within one week.

Dr. Rokhsar was the first to publish a scientific article on this subject in dermatological surgery. He has trained numerous physicians on this leading procedure. He has been the invited guest expert to discuss this new innovative technique on how to perform nonsurgical nose jobs, who would be the best candidate and its benefits over the standard surgical nose jobs.