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PRP for Hair Loss in NYC and Long Island

Written by Dr. Rokhsar

Platelet-Rich Plasma for Hair Loss

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar and his clinical team of cosmetic specialists understand that balding can make a person look unnecessarily aged. It can also detract from someone’s confidence and self-perception. We are proud to offer the platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, treatment at our New York offices as a way to target balding and to restore hair growth on the scalp. We have achieved noticeable results with this treatment and are excited to discuss the prospect of effectively reversing the signs of premature or general balding for you, too.

Five Benefits of PRP Therapy at Our NY Offices

Though there are many positive implications of receiving PRP therapy for hair loss, the following are the top five benefits of PRP treatment at our NYC and Long Island offices:

  • PRP is a safe and effective way to manage hair loss
  • Results can be long-lasting and noticeable
  • The entire procedure takes about one hour and is performed at our office
  • PRP for hair loss is minimally invasive and involves no surgery
  • You will not need to take time off from your normal schedule to recover from a PRP session

PRP for Hair Loss FAQs

How does PRP for hair loss work?

The procedure is a three-step process, wherein a patient’s blood is drawn (usually from the arm), put in a centrifuge to separate it into a concentration of platelet-rich plasma, and finally, injected into the scalp. Hair follicle function is thus re-stimulated and improved, providing visible results.

Does it hurt?

Our patients typically report little to no pain throughout their entire PRP treatment. Our specialists will apply antiseptic solution and anesthetic to the areas being treated so as to numb the region and allow for maximum-comfort during this relatively painless procedure.

What is the recovery period like?

There is no traditional downtime or recovery associated with a PRP treatment by our New York team. You can resume your normal activity, including showering and washing your hair, immediately after leaving our office.

Am I a candidate?

Men and women of all ages who are experiencing mild to moderate hair loss are considered “good candidates” for a PRP hair restoration treatment. Patients with relatively healthy and active hair follicles tend to see the best results. The procedure is also popular among patients with androgenic alopecia.

Are there risks associated with PRP?

PRP is considered a safe treatment and side effects are rare. Swelling and redness generally do not occur after PRP. Should swelling and redness occur, they typically subside within two days. As with any procedure, always be sure to be honest with your doctor about any and all health conditions prior to the procedure.

Why Choose Us

Our team of dermatological experts always has your best interest in mind. We will directly work with you to devise a PRP treatment plan that works best for your goals and your schedule. Additionally, we will explain each step of the process so that you always feel informed and comfortable in our care. As a general recommendation, we have seen that PRP for hair loss can be effective if performed once a month for the first four months, and then every 4-6 months thereafter. We will tweak and tailor your plan as your treatment progresses in order to maintain the best results for you.

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