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Skin Tightening

Non surgical laser skin tightening safely and effectively heats the dermis, which stimulates new collagen production. The non surgical procedures allow patients to immediately resume to their normal daily activities and do not need to commit to any downtime or worry about post surgical scarring.

Ulthera works by utilizing ultrasound technology to administer heat and tighten skin. The non invasive thermal effect will effectively administer deep into the skin. Acoustic energy has been used for over 50 years in the medical community as a diagnostic tool, but in recent years has provided patients with successful results. Those with sagging, loose skin are the ideal candidates for the Ultherapy procedure, and those who have used the treatment to tighten their skin have reported a significant and noticeable lifting effect to their skin. Ulthera is very effective for neck tightening treatments.

Thermage procedure uses ThermaCool technology to gently light skin and smooth out wrinkles to renew facial contours. The incision-free procedure delivers controlled radiofrequency (CRF) energy to uniformly heat a volume of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin and its underlying tissue while simultaneously protecting the outer layer of skin with cooling. Over time, the new collagen is produced and further tightens skin, resulting in healthier smoother skin and a more youthful appearance. Thermage is most notably effective for eye treatment tightening, with gradual improvements 2 to 6 months.

Fraxel Laser Re:store and Re:pair are skin tightening and resurfacing treatments Microscopic-deep columns of treatment called microthermal zones are treated by means of fractional resurfacing. This allows the skin to heal much faster than if the skin was treated all at once. The body’s natural healing process will create new, healthy tissue to replace the skin imperfections such as wrinkles and loose skin. The new collagen production, which makes up the skin’s structure and is responsible for the elasticity of the skin, will create a tighter skin texture. A patient seeking skin tightening specifically for their face should seek Fraxel laser treatments to tighten and smooth their skin.

Fraxel Re:pair system uses a CO2 laser to produce similar effects to an all at once ablative treatment, except there is less expected downtime and risk involved. The Re:pair system treats the skin on a deeper level. The Fraxel Re:store system uses an erbium laser and is considered non ablative, which means tissue is not removed, whereas the Re:pair system is an ablative laser that removes tissue to stimulate collagen production and tighten skin more. Both are good treatment choices for addressing cosmetic concerns such as scarring, melasma, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.

Invasive procedures that are used to tighten skin involve the incision and surgical treatment of the skin in order to taut the surface and eliminate wrinkles. This is called a facelift. While under anesthesia, the surgeon will make cuts above the hairline, temples, behind the ears and lower scalp. There may be skin removal, fat tissue removal, muscle tightening and liposuction to the neck and jowls. The procedures differ from case to case basis, but every procedure involves sutures along the incision lines, and a downtime for the healing process.

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