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Virtual Consultation

Dear Patient,

In light of the events in the world, we are happy to be amongst the first practices in the country to offer teledermatology. By filling out the form below, you will be contacted by our office to set up a time to do a live video consult with Dr. Rokhsar. You will be given a secure link to use on your cell phone, desktop or laptop to dial in at your specific appointment time. After speaking with Dr. Rokhsar live, you will have the chance to show him the areas of concern during your secure video chat in the privacy and safety of your home. The prescription will be sent to a pharmacy that will deliver your medications to you the same day, free of charge. We do ask for a valid ID and insurance card so we can send this information to the pharmacy. Please be connected to WiFi for proper connectivity.

The cost of the consultation is $250. We will be happy to submit appropriate codes for your consultation to your insurance company. Once and if we get paid, we will reimburse you for your fee. If your insurance does not pay us, then the fee will not be refunded.

By clicking below I agree to the terms of the virtual consult as described above. I do agree to pay a fee of $250 which is non-refundable unless otherwise covered by your insurance!

We appreciate the opportunity to serve your medical needs.

Warm regards,

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar, MD FAAD FAACS
Associate professor of dermatology
Mount Sinai Hospital

Pay $250 for your Virtual Consultation


    Virtual Consultation