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Alexandrite Q-Switched Laser Treatment in New York

Q-Switched Alexandrite laser treatments in NYC are ideal for treating pigmented lesions such as freckles, birthmarks, and moles, as well as tattoo removal. The laser produces a short, high power pulsed beam, which allows for the production of light pulses to be much higher than a continuous, constant beam. Q-Switched lasers are considered the gold standard for most laser tattoo removal procedures because the repetition and high pulsed energies have the ability to more effectively break up the ink into particles small enough for the patient’s own immune system to flush out.

The Alex laser is effective for all colors except for yellow and red, while ND:YAG laser is effective for most colors except for green and yellow. The Q-switched laser uses a high-intensity pulse beam that is directed deep within the skin to break down the ink. Once the ink is broken down into small enough particles, the body absorbs it, while also stimulating collagen production. Studies have shown that tattoos can be significantly reduced in appearance over a series of Q-Switched Alexandrite laser treatments1. The success rate typically increases with the number of treatment sessions.

Alexandrite Q-Switched Laser Before and After

Q-Switched Alex Laser Removal of Cafe au Let Macule Birthmark beforeQ-Switched Alex Laser Removal of Cafe au Let Macule Birthmark after

* Results May Vary

Because Q-switched lasers2 have the capability of selective photothermolysis, precise targeting of a structure or tissue using a specific wavelength of light that selectively absorbs light into that particular target area alone, they are also considered an effective treatment for laser hair removal, the reduction or removal of hyperpigmentation, broken blood vessels and hemangiomas.

Fractional laser resurfacing and Q-Switched lasers are often in combination. Combining fractional resurfacing with Q-Switched laser therapy, such as the Ruby laser, to remove unwanted tattoos has shown significant promise in achieving the desired effect.

Alexandrite Q-Switched Laser FAQ

What is an Alexandrite laser?

An Alexandrite laser is a device that uses an Alexandrite crystal as its medium or source of laser light. The laser produces a wavelength of light at 755 nm which is absorbed by melanin, making it effective for hair removal and treatment of pigmented areas.

The Alexandrite laser is especially effective on fine and light hair, since the laser energy is easily absorbed by the melanin pigment in hair. It is also the fastest laser for all skin types, with the ability to cover large areas in a relatively short amount of time. It is also effective in treating dark spots, brown spots, age spots, birthmarks and tattoos more effectively than any other laser system.

Dr. Rokhsar is an experienced laser surgeon and offers the Alexandrite Q-switched laser in both the Manhattan and Garden City locations. Dr Rokhsar treats pigmented areas with the alexandrite laser including sun spots, age spots, moles, nevi, birthmarks, tattoo, melasma, nevus of ota, cafe au let macules and many other conditions. Dr. Rokhsar feels that the Q-Switched alexandrite laser is more effective than Pico laser such as Picosure or Picoway for treatments of pigment and many pigmented conditions in the skin.

How much does a Q-Switched laser cost?

The cost of Q-Switched laser treatment can vary depending on the type of treatment and the size of the targeted area, among other factors.

Q-Switched lasers can be used for various procedures, such as tattoo removal, sun spot removal, birthmark removal, mole removal, brown spot removal, melasma removal and laser hair removal. The price varies by procedure.

Q-Switched laser treatments are often considered cosmetic procedures and may not be covered by health insurance. Interested individuals are encouraged to consult with Dr. Rokhsar to determine the specific cost of Q-Switched laser treatment based on their unique needs and circumstances.

Alexandrite laser for brown spots

Alexandrite laser treatment is a popular option for individuals looking to reduce the appearance of brown spots on their skin. IT is more effective than Pico lasers such as Picosure or picoway. The Q-switched Alexandrite laser is a type of laser commonly used to treat pigmentation issues, including brown spots, birthmarks, age spots, mole, nevi, melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and many other skin issues. The focused beam from the laser targets pigmented areas and causes them to break up and fade away.

The Alexandrite laser is an FDA-approved treatment with an outstanding safety profile, making it a relatively low-risk procedure. Depending on the type of brown spot, some patients may need multiple sessions for noticeable improvement. During a consultation with Dr. Rokhsar, he will discuss with the patient the approximate number of sessions they may need to achieve their desired results. The alexandrite laser is more efficient in removing pigment than Pico lasers such as Picosure or Picoway.

Q-Switched laser for hyperpigmentation

Q-Switched lasers are a type of non-ablative laser that can be used to treat hyperpigmentation. They work by targeting pigment clusters deep within the skin to break up melanin and effectively lighten areas of hyperpigmentation. There are various causes for hyperpigmentation and Dr. Rokhsar can provide an accurate assessment of your condition and discuss your options for treatment during a consultation.

In addition to treating hyperpigmentation, Q-Switched lasers can also be used to remove
Birthmarks, moles, melasma, and tattoos. They are particularly effective at targeting melanin pigments in the skin, making them ideal for treating pigmentation such as sun spots.

Q-Switched laser treatments can have side effects, such as hypopigmentation (white patches on the skin) and hyperpigmentation (darker pigments due to overstimulation of the skin). These side effects are rare and to determine if the Q-Switched laser is right for you, Dr. Rokhsar may suggest a test-spot on the affected area.

A consultation with Dr. Rokhsar is recommended to determine whether Q-Switched laser treatment is the best option for your specific case.

Q-Switched laser for tattoo removal

Q-Switched laser technology is a clinically-proven method for removing tattoos without causing scarring. The Alexandrite Q-Switched laser treatment targets ink molecules that are then absorbed and eliminated by the body’s natural immune system. The Alexandrite Q-switched laser is also effective at removing black, blue, and green pigments typically found in tattoos.

Q-switched lasers started to be utilized for laser tattoo removal in the late 90’s, and the technology has progressed immensely since then to give faster removal and better results for a wider range of ink colors and skin tones. Q-switched laser tattoo removal is considered to be a safe and effective method for removing tattoos, but as with any medical procedure, there is a risk of side effects, including pain, blistering, scarring, and changes in skin color. Dr. Rokhsar is an experienced laser surgeon and has been involved in the development of many laser systems. In over 20 years of practice, he has had no incidences of pain, blistering, scarring, or changes in skin color from the Alexandrite Q-switched laser. For treatment of tattoos, Dr. Rokhsar numbs the skin with a numbing shot so that the treatment becomes completely painless. Patients report that at med spas, tattoo laser removal treatments are very painful. The reason for this is that technicians at med spas are not doctors and are not allowed to administer numbing injections. Tattoo laser removal with Dr. Rokhsar is completely painless and more effective because of his many years of training and experience with lasers such as Q-Switched alexandrite, Nd Yag and Pico laser such as Picosure and Picoway.

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