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Non-Surgical Butt Augmentation in New York

Achieve impressive curves along your hips and waist with FDA-approved non-surgical injections. Top Sculptra® injector and New York Magazine “Top Doctor”, Dr. Cameron Rokhsar offers non-invasive buttock and hip augmentation to patients in his NYC and Long Island offices. If you feel that your butt is too flat, or hips are not curvy enough, this treatment does not require anesthesia and saves you from the side effects associated with surgery.

Benefits of the Sculptra Butt Augmentation

The Sculptra Butt Augmentation1 is best suited for men and women seeking gradual, natural results. Why should you prefer Dr. Rokhsar’s butt injections2? here are the main reasons:

  • Shape: Lifted and contoured buttocks, thighs, and hips
  • Comfort: No anesthesia, quick treatment
  • Beauty: Replacement of depleted collagen and cellulite reduction
  • Painless & Safe: Side effects with Sculptra injections are very rare
  • Lasting Results: Results that last up to seven years
Procedure Sculptra Silicone Implants

Butt Lift Treatment Type

Volume-enhancing injectable Surgical


15 minutes 1 to 4 hours


Increase volume, size, and roundness To enhance the buttocks


Relatively painless Painful

Recovery Time

No downtime 4 weeks


Gradually Gradually


Temporary Permanent

Sculptra vs Traditional Butt Augmentation

Traditional buttock augmentation requires the surgical implantation of silicone, which results in significant downtime. There are often stories in the media of patients implanted with all kinds of materials by non-certified doctors, ending up with serious complications. Dr. Rokhsar’s injections produce a smooth, supple buttock by initiating new collagen production in the area. The treatment improves skin elasticity and tone, lifting the buttocks with FDA-approved injections of poly-L-lactic acid (PLA)3, a naturally occurring substance in the body that results in improved contour.

Who Can Benefit From a “Liquid Butt Lift”?

Dr. Rokhsar’s typical patients have suffered from age-related volume loss, weight fluctuation or suffer from a small size/lack of projection in the area. A Butt Lift plumps thin and sagging skin corrects dimpling and creates a firmer, sexier bottom.

Your Butt Augmentation Procedure

All Sculptra injections are performed by New York board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic specialist, Dr. Rokhsar. During the procedure, Dr. Rokhsar delivers a series of gentle injections to a thoroughly cleansed and prepared treatment area. The injection is performed based on various anatomical landmarks on the buttocks to provide the most natural amount of volume. A Butt Lift session only requires 15 minutes of your time. After the treatment, Dr. Rokhsar will provide you with post-care instructions. The procedure may need to be repeated once a month for a few sessions.

Minimal Downtime

Following the procedure, you may feel some soreness similar to that of an extensive workout. To help the Sculptra spread evenly among tissue, Dr. Rokhsar recommends patients gently massage the buttock, thighs and hips for five minutes, five times a day, for five days after treatment day. Results will continue to reveal themselves over the months to follow. You can resume regular activities right after treatment and exercise after the first day.

Scheduling Your Butt Lift Consultation

If you consider achieving a firmer, fuller and sexier buttock, you should schedule a cosmetic consultation with New York and Long Island Butt Augmentation expert Dr. Rokhsar. He is one of the most successful cosmetic dermatologists in the tri-state area and has taught his techniques to hundreds of colleagues from around the world. Contact us today for a Butt Lift Consultation.

Sculptra Butt Lift FAQ

What’s a Sculptra Butt Lift?

A Sculptra Butt Lift for NYC patients is a unique way to stimulate collagen growth and enhance the buttocks. Board-certified, dermatologic surgeon Dr. Rokhsar delivers micro-invasive injections to thicken skin and enhance the shape of your butt.

Can’t exercise enhance my butt?

Unfortunately, it can be frustrating to increase the muscle mass of your backside with diet and exercise alone. That’s why many people choose a Sculptra Butt Lift to add proportion, enhancement and a fuller shape to their body.

How is a Sculptra treatment done?

Before your injections, Dr. Rokhsar applies lidocaine to the treatment area. After you’re comfortable, Sculptra is injected via very fine needles until your desired level of augmentation is achieved. Many patients return for a series of 3 treatments, 6 weeks apart.

Who is a candidate for a Sculptra Butt Lift?

Anyone who desires a larger, more confident rear-end is a likely a candidate for Sculptra Butt Lift. In general, if you’re of average health and wish to improve the texture and volume of the buttocks, Sculptra might be a great fit!

What’s the difference between a Sculptra Butt Lift and a Brazilian Butt Lift?

As opposed to silicone implants and a Brazilian Butt Lift which requires liposuction, a Sculptra Butt Lift is purely non-surgical and painless. The outpatient treatment works gradually to enhance the buttocks volume up to four times its natural state.

What is butt augmentation?

Butt augmentation refers to a variety of cosmetic procedures that aim to enhance the appearance of the buttocks by improving their shape, size, and contour. There are several types of butt augmentation procedures available, and the specific procedure used depends on the patient’s individual goals and needs.

One popular method of butt augmentation is through the use of implants, which are artificial devices surgically placed in the buttocks to create volume in the area. Another method of butt augmentation is through fat grafting, also called the Brazilian butt lift. With this procedure, the surgeon removes fat from one area of the body (such as the abdomen, hips, or thighs) through liposuction and injects it into the buttocks to create a fuller, more rounded appearance.

Although these surgical procedures exist, there are higher risks associated with surgery and patients must consider recovery time, greater cost, as well as the possibility of being unhappy with their results. Some non-surgical methods of butt augmentation (non surgical butt lift or non surgical butt augmentation) with injections of dermal fillers and Sculptra injections, have become popular options for achieving a natural-looking butt lift without the downtime of surgery. Dr. Rokhsar is an expert injector and teaches the Cosmetic Dermatology clinic to resident doctors at Mount Sinai hospital. He has performed hundreds of non-surgical butt-lifts using Sculptra, which boosts the production of collagen and naturally builds tissue in the desired area(s). Multiple sessions and multiple vials of sculptra may be needed to achieve the desired results over time. The advantage of doing sculptra injections for butt injections over other procedures such as BBL or butt implant surgery is that it eliminates the need to undergo fat harvesting needed in the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure. It also is scarless compared to the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) where the fat must be first harvested and then injected through cannulas that leave a mark or a scar. Surgical butt implants leave unacceptable scars in many patients and are often hard to touch and unnatural looking.

How much is a butt augmentation?

The price range can vary depending on how many vials of Sculptra are used per injection session, the number of sessions, and the final desired outcome in terms of size. Cosmetic procedures like butt augmentation are not typically covered by insurance. You may inquire about approximate cost ranges by making an appointment with Dr. Rokhsar in either the Manhattan office on the upper east side or the Long island Office in Garden City. Many patients choose to undergo Sculptra butt injections for a Brazilian butt lift as opposed to getting fat injections or implants.


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