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Deep Stretch Marks Removal in New York

How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks in NYC

It’s summer, it’s hot, and you want to hit the beach. You’ve spent all winter getting your body bikini-ready, so when you put on your swimwear, it’s a bummer when you notice all those stretch marks. Getting rid of stretch marks in New York City might be easier than you think, though, thanks to the services offered by Dr. Cameron Rokhsar. Now, in many cases, stretch marks are not in and of themselves a bad thing; many people are perfectly comfortable with them. But for patients who find discomfort with stretch marks have options for mitigating them.

Why Do Stretch Marks Form?

Stretch marks in genetically susceptible individuals are usually the result of rapid growth or weight gain in certain areas of the body. This could be due to rapid weight gain, pregnancy, puberty, or a rapid increase in muscle mass. Stretch marks are usually red early on and take on a whitish color as they mature. Over the counter and prescription, creams are not effective for the treatment of stretch marks as they do not penetrate deep enough on the skin to address the pathology.

Stretch Marks: Before and After

Stretch Marks: Before and After Treatment Photo - patient 1
Stretch Marks: Before and After Treatment Photo - patient 2

*Results may vary.

How Are Stretch Marks Treated?

The pulsed dye laser (V-Beam laser) is an effective modality in the treatment of fresh and red stretch marks. A resurfacing procedure, named fractional resurfacing or Fraxel affords a new solution for the treatment of stretch marks. This laser resurfaces the skin gradually, which allows for rapid healing while eliminating the risk of rawness associated with traditional laser resurfacing procedures.

Patients typically will need 4-5 treatments with this laser procedure for the treatment of stretch marks. Most patients can expect improvement in the quality and texture of their stretch marks. However, it is important to note that you can not fully eradicate stretch marks with any currently available modalities. Fractional resurfacing is performed under local numbing after the application of a numbing cream for one hour.

Why choose Dr. Rokhsar for your Stretch Marks Treatment?

If you are interested in getting rid of stretch marks in New York City, Dr. Rokhsar is among the top choices to perform these procedures. Our offices in Long Island and in Garden City both offer many of these stretch mark mitigation procedures. The added benefit of these procedures is that they can make you look and feel more youthful, as they will often tighten the skin as well. The best way to determine which stretch mark treatment is best for you and your body is to discuss your options in person with Dr. Rokhsar. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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FAQ About Stretch Marks

What do stretch marks look like?

Stretch marks may appear as pink, red or purple lines at first, but as time goes on and they are left untreated, indented white lines appear in the skin. They are at first brighter colors because of the broken blood vessels in the outer layer of the skin, which do eventually heal, but once they turn white and silver, it is an indication that they have set in and disrupted the dermis where both collagen and pigment reside.

What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks can appear as a result of pubescent growth spurts, pregnancy, weight gain, increase in muscle mass, oral corticosteroids, topical steroids, genetically caused hormonal imbalances or adrenal gland diseases such as Cushing’s syndrome.

What is the best way to treat stretch marks?

Laser treatments are currently the most effective treatment options for stretch marks. The type of laser used depends on the state of scarring. If stretch marks are still pink, red or purple, the V-Beam pulsed dye laser is the best treatment option. The V-Beam emits a beam of light into the skin that will destroy the damaged blood vessels that cause the irregular pigmentation.

What type of stretch marks can be treated?

The only type of treatment that is proven to successfully address deep stretch mark damage is the Fraxel laser. This fractional laser therapy works by administering tiny areas of micro-damage, which stimulates collagen production. Once the Fraxel laser stimulates collagen production, fresh and healthy skin cells will replace the damaged sites, which create a tightening effect.

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