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Lip Enhancement

Written by Dr. Rokhsar

Get Full Lips in New York

With the advent of safe injectable treatments, it has become very simple to shape your lips to a more full voluptuous form without making it look unnatural. The lips provide one of the more attractive features of the face and contribute significantly to the appearance of a beautiful face. There are a number of factors which may contribute to less full lips. Some people just simply have thin lips. Other causes include aging, sun damage and smoking which can result in wrinkling, thinning and atrophy of the lips.

There are many substances that can be injected into the lips to give a more full and youthful appearance. Dr. Rokhsar currently believes that Restylane can give the most natural results with virtually no side effects compared to other products. Fat injections into the lips involve harvesting of fat which can be more involved. It also usually results in overdone lips which can look unnatural. Collagen simply disappears within a few weeks. Radiesse and Sculptra can cause nodule formation. Restylane is the ideal substance as it is a natural sugar found in your skin with virtually no risks of allergy or potential for lumpiness in the lips.

Why Are Big Lips Appealing?

There are many reasons why larger lips are appealing. Certainly, the larger lips on display by pop stars and celebrities have an influence. There may be physiological reasons for the appeal as well, dealing with where blood flows during arousal. Whatever the reason for the appeal, bigger lips are not something that you can achieve on your own, through diet and exercise for example. And you are best served by avoiding dangerous methods of enhancing the lips (such as the Kylie Jenner Challenge, which was popular in social media recently).

Fuller Lips that Look Natural

Dr. Rokhsar believes that fuller more voluptuous lips don’t mean that you have to sacrifice the natural appearance of your lips. Dr. Rokhsar uses Restylane to restore the youthful appearance of your lips and plump them instantaneously. For most patients, beautiful lips can be attained virtually pain-free with a few simple injections. Dr. Rokhsar uses the most advanced techniques to achieve numbness of your lips for comfort so you will not feel the procedure. The treatment takes about 15 minutes and your results will last 6-12 months. The material needs to be injected into the right place to give you the natural long-lasting appearance.

The age range of patients requesting lip enhancement is varied. Dr. Rokhsar has treated young models in their early twenties to individuals in their eighties. If you have always desired to have more “pouty” or voluptuous lips, or desire to restore back your lips to when you were younger, there is a simple no downtime procedure available.

Lip Enhancement: Before and After

Lip Enhancement: Before and After Treatment Photo - patient 1
Lip Enhancement: Before and After Treatment Photo - patient 2
Lip Enhancement: Before and After Treatment Photo - patient 3

*Results may vary.


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