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Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction in New York

Many patients visit our office with the desire for a more feminine, V-shaped jawline. If you feel that the shape of your face is too wide or square at the jaw, our popular Botox jaw reshaping procedure might be right for you. Gaining in popularity, Botox for the jawline is ideal for individuals who would like to reduce the size of their jaws or correct asymmetrical jaw muscles.

Dr. Rokhsar is one of NYC’s top cosmetic dermatologists. He uses Botox to relax and temporarily weaken the masseter muscles, resulting in a slimmer, more appealing lower face shape. A non-surgical jawline reduction1 in our Long Island and NYC offices is designed to add harmonious balance to the face without the dangers of surgery.

How We Reshape the Jaw

Dr. Rokhsar successfully reshapes the jaw by injecting Botox into the masseter muscles (chewing muscles). Similar to how Botox paralyzes the muscles responsible for wrinkles, the botulinum toxin works to relax, weaken and shrink the jawline. Depending on the degree of correction required, you may need several Botox jaws reshaping treatments to achieve your aesthetic goals as well as maintenance sessions every 4-6 months.

Botox Jaw Reduction Treatment

While many believe the only path to a slimmer jawline is by cutting the jawbone, our jaw contouring procedure achieves measurable results without going under the knife. By safely injecting Botox into specific areas of the jaw muscles, Dr. Rokhsar’s technique blocks the activity of targeted muscles and softens the masseter muscles, resulting in a relaxed jawline. His single injection method per side of the jaw reaches all 5 points within the muscle. Your non-surgical jawline treatment is comfortable and requires no downtime. After your initial Botox jaw reduction2, you’ll notice signs of face slimming within just 2 to 8 weeks.

Jawline Reduction Recovery

Following a non-invasive jawline reduction, you may notice tiny red marks at the injection site, however, this irritation should quickly subside and is easily hidden with makeup. Refrain from lying down 4 hours after the treatment for the best results. Most patients eat lightly for the first few days after a Botox jaw reduction since the jaw regains its full chewing capacity after ten days.

Why Choose Dr. Rokhsar for Non-Invasive Jawline Reduction

Dr. Rokhsar is an internationally renowned cosmetic dermatologist who has treated thousands of patients with Botox injections. Using Botox to reshape the face takes a dermatologist with significant relevant experience, like Dr. Rokhsar. He trained other doctors in his techniques and was featured in major TV shows and consumer magazines. To schedule your Botox jawline reshaping consultation, please contact our office today.

Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction FAQ

How does Botox slim jawline?

Botox can be used to slim and contour the face by targeting the masseter muscles at the back of the jaw. These muscles can give the face a more square appearance due to their size and shape. Botox works as a muscle relaxant and can help patients sculpt a slimmer jawline by relaxing the masseter muscle and making it appear less prominent. This creates an oval-shaped face for patients while relieving jaw tension in the treatment area. The result is a reduction in the size of the muscle over time, leading to a slimming of the facial and jaw area. Jawline slimming with Botox utilizes strategic injections into the posterior muscles of the jaw (masseter muscle) to gradually reduce the jaw muscle size over time. Botox injections can also be used in the masseter to relieve symptoms of TMJ, such as jaw pain, headaches, TMJ damage, and poor range of motion in the jaw. Overall, Botox can help slim and contour the jawline by reducing the size and prominence of the masseter muscles, leading to a more oval-shaped face and relief from jaw tension and TMJ symptoms.

How much is Botox for face slimming?

The cost of Botox for face slimming also varies depending on the specific areas being treated.

The number of units required for face slimming can vary depending on the specific area being treated. For example, the average number of units for chin treatment is 2-6 units, while for jawline slimming, it can range from 10-30 units per side. Depending on the size and strength of your masseter muscle a smaller or bigger dose may be needed. The cost depends on the amount of botox used. During the consultation with Dr. Rokhsar, he will advise you as to the appropriate number of units of Botox based on the severity of your problem which will determine the cost.

How many units of Botox for face slimming?

The number of units of Botox needed for face slimming can vary depending on the individual and the area being treated. The average number of units of Botox for the chin is 4-12 units, corners of the mouth are 4-6 units, eyebrow lift is 2-6 units, forehead lines/horizontal lines are 10-30 units, and frown lines are 20-40 units. These are just estimates and the number will depend on your specific anatomy, the size of your face and skull, the size and strength of your muscles, your age and gender. Males typically require stronger doses of Botox Dysport, Jeveau or Xeomin.

For face slimming, Botox is often used to relax the masseter muscle, which can give the appearance of a slimmer face. Masseter reduction with Botox may give the appearance of a 5- to 10-pound weight loss. The number of units needed for masseter reduction can vary depending on the individual, the strength and mass of the muscle and gender. The typical range of units needed for masseter reduction would be between 30 to 60 units.

Additionally, the number of units needed can vary depending on the size of the jaw/masseter muscles or severity of clenching. Dr. Rokhsar is an expert in injecting Botox and during a consultation he can determine the appropriate number of units for your individual needs.

How long does face-slimming Botox last?

The duration of the effect of face-slimming Botox may vary between individuals and depend on several factors. However, the general consensus is that the effects of face-slimming Botox usually last between three to six months. Some individuals may experience longer-lasting results, up to a year.

Factors such as the amount of product used, the area injected, and individual metabolism may affect the duration of the effect of face-slimming Botox. The results of the treatment wear off gradually after the initial few weeks, and the muscle may return to its previous state. Consistent injections may be required to maintain the relaxation of the muscles and prolong the effect of face-slimming Botox. A regimen of series of regular Botox injections into the masseter muscle every 3-6 months will give the best long term results as it results in long term atrophy of the masseter.

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