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Why Choose Us

World-Class Premier Laser center

Why Choose Us. Laser Specialist - Dr. RokhsarUnlike many other practices, we are not a “one pony show”. We offer over 40 lasers and energy-based devices in our world-class centers in Manhattan and Long Island. We only will recommend procedures for you that we deem are right for you. There will never be a sales pitch. We will give you realistic expectations about the outcomes of the procedures you are contemplating and will never up-sell. Dr. Rokhsar is at the forefront of research and teaching and regularly has residents and fellows rotate through the centers for training in various procedures. Dr. Rokhsar lectures regularly on laser and cosmetic procedures at various medical meetings nationally and internationally. We regularly host events at our centers where we train American and foreign doctors on the latest techniques in laser surgery and other new procedures including new fillers and Botox.

At the Forefront of Research and Development

Dr. Rokhsar is active in the research and development of various laser and energy-based devices and cosmetic procedures. We enroll patients in various clinical trials at our centers for new cosmetic treatments under development. For example, Dr. Rokhsar was involved in the development of the Fraxel laser in 2003 which has since become the number one cosmetic laser procedure in the world. Dr. Rokhsar has conducted various studies at different stages pertaining to Thermage, Portrait, Ulthera, miraDry, and various other energy-based procedures as well as fillers. We are usually at the forefront of adopting new technology only after Dr. Rokhsar conducts rigorous scientific scrutiny of the device. If Dr. Rokhsar determines that a certain device or procedure is not based on sound scientific principles, he refuses to bring the procedure to the practice.

Our Locations are Recognized as National Training Centers for Other Doctors

Dr. Rokhsar is an official trainer for various companies to train other physicians

Dr. Rokhsar is an official trainer for various companies to train other physicians. Dr. Rokhsar regularly hosts other physicians at his centers for training for botox, various fillers, Kybella, and numerous laser and energy-based procedures. These peer to peer training sessions are important for proper training for other physicians.

Board Certification in Dermatology and Fellowship Training in Cosmetic, Laser, and MOHS Surgery

Dr. Rokhsar is board-certified in dermatology and completed additional training in the form of a cosmetic surgery fellowship. When you are choosing your doctor, ask the right questions. Ask your doctor if he is board certified in dermatology or plastic surgery. Just because a doctor has a Medical Degree, that does not qualify them to be practicing in the field of lasers, cosmetic surgery, and dermatology. Unfortunately, some internists and pain management doctors dabble in the field of lasers, fillers, and Botox without fully disclosing to patients their real qualifications. We encourage you to ask questions to ascertain the proper training and board certification of your physician. Dr. Rokhsar, following the completion of his dermatology residency, spent an additional year training in laser, MOHS, and cosmetic surgery.

Education at Top United States Institutions

Dr. Rokhsar. Education at Top United States Institutions
Let’s face it: Education matters. Dr. Rokhsar completed his undergraduate studies at Harvard University and went to medical schooling at the New York University School of Medicine. He completed his dermatology residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and did a fellowship in cosmetic, laser, and MOHS surgery. Dr. Rokhsar currently holds the rank of Associate Clinical Professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital where he teaches residents and fellows.

We Take Pride in What We Do

TV-appearances - Dr. Cameron Rokhsar and his clinical team are among the top in the fieldsWe take pride in offering general dermatology, skin cancer diagnosis and surgery, and cosmetic & laser surgery procedures with the highest quality and standards. Dr. Cameron Rokhsar and his clinical team are among the top in the field. Our philosophy is to treat our patients as our family members with the highest level of care.

Patient Safety & Quality of Care: Accredited by AAAASF

Accredited ASF Surgery Facility - Dr. Rokhsar
We strive to bring you the best and latest advances in medical treatments, lasers, and cosmetic procedures with the utmost commitment to patient safety. Our compassionate support staff is dedicated to the same level of patient care at every visit. We have designed our facilities with patient comfort in mind and vet and hire highly talented staff to provide expertise and professionalism in every facet of patient care. Over the years, we have become a trusted dermatology & cosmetic surgery center in our community by earning a reputation for our knowledge, experience, and professionalism. Each member of our medical staff has a detailed understanding of the skin, enabling us to treat all medical conditions & perform many aesthetic procedures according to the highest standards of safety.

Our AAAASF accreditation ensures our practice that delivers high levels of patient care, which includes a safe surgical environment, safe medical and cosmetic equipment, and medications. The certification confirms that our facilities have been inspected and have met the elite standards of patient care and safety.

We Offer Advanced Treatments and Have Been a Part of Scientific Breakthroughs

Dr. Rokhsar - We Offer Advanced TreatmentsDr. Rokhsar’s clinical team and researchers have been part of many breakthroughs contributing to the field of dermatology & laser surgery and the way skin conditions and cosmetic imperfections are treated today. Dr. Rokhsar and his researchers are extensively published in medical and dermatologic journals and have been frequently invited to speak at national and international medical conferences.

New York Cosmetic, Skin & Laser Surgery center(s) are equipped with the latest equipment, advanced surgical instruments, and cutting-edge lasers which are designed to give you the best outcome. Furthermore, Dr. Rokhsar was the first to invent the non-surgical nose job using fillers. He was the first to conduct the efficacy of Fractional laser in the treatment of acne scarring. He was among the first to conduct clinical trials on non-surgical double chin removal using Kybella. With our ongoing clinical trials and other studies we continually enhance the quality of dermatologic care in our region and beyond.

Higher Standards: Industry & Professional Recognition

The Best Dermatologists - TOP Associations
Dr. Cameron Rokhsar has been awarded “Top Doctor” by various organizations including Castle Connolly (consequently for several years), U.S News World Health, Top Doctors New York Times, SuperDoctors, Best of LI, NY Top Docs, etc. He is consistently chosen among the top ranks for his outstanding medical education, training, hospital appointments, expertise, and general patient care. He is recognized for his attention to detail, individualized care, and in-depth consultations with patients to address both medical and cosmetic needs.