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CoolTouch Varia in NYC and Long Island

Written by Dr. Rokhsar

It is possible to remove unwanted veins on the face in a safe way. Whether it concerns spider veins or thicker, blue-green veins around the eyes, the CoolTouch Varia in NYC and Long Island can provide beautiful results after the first treatment without any downtime.

Dr. Rokhsar is an internationally renowned expert in non-invasive cosmetic and laser procedures and the development of innovative treatments. As a board-certified dermatologist and specialized laser surgeon, Dr. Rokhsar is dedicated to offering his patients effective treatments that achieve the most natural results with minimal downtime or discomfort. His offices are conveniently located in Long Island and NYC.

Removing facial veins with CoolTouch Varia

CoolTouch Varia is a proven laser technology that works with long-pulsed laser beams to remove veins over the treatment area. This treatment is proven effective in the removal of different types of veins, especially blue-green veins around the eyes. It can remove superficial, small spider veins that form a visible red or blue colored web underneath the skin (telangiectasias veins) or larger blue or green colored veins (reticular veins) around the eyes, temples, and forehead. Dr. Rokhsar offers the CoolTouch Varia treatment from the comfort of his conveniently located Garden City office in Long Island or his centrally located NYC office in Manhattan.

Eliminate blue-green veins around the eyes with CoolTouch Varia

The CoolTouch Varia’s advanced, non-invasive technology has also been shown to be effective in removing reticular veins, which are thicker, larger blue-green veins around the eyes, temples, and forehead. This type of facial vein is common in people over 40 years old and can be easily eliminated with the CoolTouch Varia long-pulsed laser system, which is able to treat specific areas on the face with concentrated light energy.

How does CoolTouch Varia work?

The 1064 nm CoolTouch Varia laser is similar to the Nd: YAG Laser as its energy penetrates deep into the targeted vein. As the blood vessels absorb the energy, they get clogged and the veins slowly fade and disappear. During this process, they are reabsorbed by the body. In most cases, the desired results are already achieved in the first treatment. When there is a larger area involved with various facial veins it may be necessary to schedule a series of laser treatments.

The ideal candidate for CoolTouch Varia laser treatment

CoolTouch Varia is a completely safe laser treatment that is suitable for patients with sensitive skin, even in the eye area. CoolTouch Varia NYC is also suitable for all skin tones, from light to dark. Because the laser treatment specifically targets the treatment area, such as the blue-green veins around the eyes or temples, the surrounding area is not affected in any way.

CoolTouch Varia Long Island and NYC is designed to treat the following conditions:

  • Spider veins
  • Blue-green veins around the eyes
  • Facial veins
  • Temple Veins
  • Leg veins

Dr. Rokhsar is an expert in laser technology, always carefully matching the right laser treatment to the condition to achieve the best results for his patients. CoolTouch Varia is especially recommended to treat blue-green veins around the eyes.

Book a CoolTouch Varia NYC consultation with Dr. Rokhsar

Are you looking for the right treatment to have your facial veins or blue-green veins around the eyes removed? Dr. Rokhsar is an internationally recognized authority on the use of lasers for skincare treatments. As a board-certified dermatologist and fellowship-trained laser surgeon, Dr. Rokhsar offers over 40 different laser and energy-based treatments in his comfortable, private practices in Manhattan, NYC, and Long Island. Book a consultation to get a top recommendation about the most effective procedure with minimal discomfort for your specific situation and aesthetic goals.


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