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Treating Hyperhidrosis with miraDry in New York

Dr. Rokhsar was the first miraDry® provider in New York and has done more procedures than any other physician in the New York area.

Dr. Rokhsar is proud to be a PLATINUM LEVEL miraDry®️️ PROVIDER
Dr. Rokhsar is proud to be a PLATINUM LEVEL miraDry®️️ PROVIDER

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating and affects around 3% of the U.S. population1. It is an uncontrollable condition and can cause patients to experience embarrassment in social and professional situations. Traditionally, prescription antiperspirants, Botox, and surgery have been the only treatments available.


What is miraDry?

miraDry is backed by over 5 years of research and development and the procedure has been available in the United States since January 2012. This technology uses precise microwave electromagnetic energy to destroy sweat glands while leaving surrounding tissues unharmed, resulting in effective, long-lasting treatment with minimal downtime.

For many New York and Long Island patients, miraDry® treatments with Dr. Rokhsar will result in significantly reduced sweating with long-lasting results. Double board-certified dermatologist and laser specialist Dr. Rokhsar are excited to offer his vast expertise on miraDry® to New York patients.

How it works

miraDry® is a simple treatment that can be completed in as little as one hour.

How it works - miraDry: Local anesthesia before destroy sweat glands

Numb it

Local anesthesia is administered to assure maximum comfort during the treatment.

How it works - miraDry: A temporary tattoo is used to mark skin in preparation for treatment.

Mark it

A temporary tattoo is used to mark skin in preparation for treatment.

How it works - miraDry: The area is treated with miraDry, eliminating sweat and odor glands in the

Treat it

The area is treated with miraDry, eliminating sweat and odor glands in the underarm.

miraDry® vs. Botox and Other Alternatives to Treat Excess Sweating

Hyperhidrosis Solutions miraDry® Botox Prescription Strength Antiperspirants
FDA-Approved Yes Yes Yes
Treatment Method Microwave electromagnetic energy that destroys sweat glands Injections block nerve signals to prevent sweating Daily use
Non-Invasive Yes Yes, injections using a fine needle Yes, roll or spray-on
Effectiveness 90% 70% 30%
Recovery Period None None None
Odor Reduction Yes No Sometimes
Cost Medium High Ongoing
Results Immediate After 2 weeks Immediate
Permanence Permanent after 2 sessions Requires ongoing treatments Temporary

Why miraDry?

miraDry® is an FDA-approved treatment for excessive sweating2. This effective treatment provides instant results that last a lifetime.

  • Current treatments such as Botox and prescription antiperspirants are temporary and work only by disabling the sweat glands. miraDry® is longer lasting because it destroys sweat glands.
  • Unlike surgery, this is both non-invasive and has little to no downtime. Many patients return to work right after the procedure.

Learn Why Patients Love miraDry!

Lindsay M. says-

“Dr. Rokhsar is clearly an expert in his field. As a pioneer of several dermatological techniques, such as Fraxel Laser and Miradry, he clearly has a lot of experience and training, which is manifested in how he executes his treatments. I have been coming to Dr. Rokhsar for several years, and highly recommend him! His staff is also extremely kind, professional, and knowledgeable.”

How miraDry® Works

In just a few, quick and safe treatment sessions, this technology will put an end to excessive sweating!

The Benefits of miraDry® in NYC

As the most innovative hyperhidrosis treatment up to date, it has an array of features over conventional solutions. Some of these advantages include:

  • The significant decrease of underarm sweat and odor
  • Safe and approved by the FDA3
  • Proven to offer 80% sweat reduction4 after 1 session
  • Patients report the miraDry® experience is comfortable
  • Desired results can be achieved after only 2 treatments
  • No more sweat marks, deodorant stains, or unpleasant odors as results are typically permanent
  • Immediately noticeable results4

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Reviews for Dr. Rokhsar

What to Expect with a Treatment

Before the treatment, Dr. Rokhsar examines every patient to ensure that he or she is a good candidate for miraDry® in Long Island. Once you have the green light, the treatment can then be performed.

  • NYC laser specialist Dr. Rokhsar begins by injecting a local anesthetic into the area to be treated. This helps increase patient comfort.
  • Next, the doctor performs the treatment using the device. He will choose settings specific to your skin anatomy. This procedure takes about an hour for both underarms.
  • Zero downtime sweat reduction treatment

When Will I Notice Results?

When it comes to results, the most important thing is setting the right expectations for your treatment.

  • As with any procedure, results depend greatly on the patient being treated. In clinical trials, virtually all patients experienced reduced sweating.
  • You will notice results immediately after the first treatment with increased results after the second treatment.
  • In clinical trials3, dramatic results were still apparent 12 months after treatment, and scientific research shows that sweat glands do not regenerate after treatment.

miraDry Medical CertificateDr. Rokhsar is the first miraDry provider in New York with the greatest experience in the tri-state area.

What Are The Side Effects of miraDry?

miraDry® has FDA approval and it is regarded as a safe, non-invasive treatment. However, there are potential risks and temporary side effects you should keep in mind before the procedure. These include a tingling sensation, temporary numbness, and other rare side effects like nerve damage.

Why Choose Dr. Rokhsar For miraDry?

Dr. Rokhsar is an internationally renowned cosmetic laser surgeon who has exceedingly advanced knowledge and experience working with miraDry. Putting an end to hyperhidrosis takes a laser expert with significant training, expert patient care, and impressive results like Dr. Rokhsar.

Although this procedure is FDA-approved for the treatment of the underarms, Dr. Rokhsar has treated many other areas off-label, including the back, love handles, groin, and inner thigh.

If you’re interested in miraDry® in the New York area, Dr. Rokhsar’s office is your most experienced destination, so contact us and book a consultation today.

miraDry® FAQ

What is special about Dr. Rokhsar’s technique? Any common issues that arise when a less-experienced doctor applies miraDry?

It is important to be able to pick the right energy settings for the right person. Due to Dr. Rokhsar’s experience, he can do that.

Also, he uses a numbing technique with tumescent fluid that makes the procedure much safer as the fluid cushions the nerves in the targeted areas.

Less-experienced doctors have a high incidence of rare side effects including nerve damage. They may use inappropriate energy settings, and in these cases, a low setting causes the procedure to be ineffective and a higher setting causes unwarranted side effects.

What makes Dr. Rokhsar different from other providers?

Dr. Rokhsar acquired the first miraDry® device in the tri-state area back in 2012. Additionally, because he is a pioneer in the use of this device, he also treats off-label areas effectively. These include the back, inner thighs, and groin, as well as other areas that most doctors don’t have the expertise to treat.

Moreover, Dr. Rokhsar has conducted workshops and hosted webinars to help fellow physicians perfect their techniques.

How long do patients need to wait between treatments?

Most patients get 80 to 90 % improvement after 2 sessions, rarely patients may require a 3rd session. You need to give your body three months between treatments. While it may sound like a lot of time, patients experience significant improvement in sweating after the first treatment. In some cases, patients only need two or three treatments until they achieve their goals, making the wait worthwhile.

How long does miraDry last?

Thanks to his unique approach, Dr. Rokhsar’s patients can experience as much as 80% reduction in sweating after the first two sessions. These results are long-lasting as well as the sweat glands don’t usually grow back after the procedure.

Is it painful?

Even though some patients report discomfort when having the procedure with other physicians, Dr. Rokhsar has developed a unique numbing technique that ensures the treatment is 100% pain-free. Also, he uses Pronox for anxiety and pain relief, which sets him apart from most practitioners in the area.

Am I a candidate for miraDry®?

Men and women who experience excessive sweating and are tired of staining and ruining clothes are suitable to undergo treatments. The innovative technique used in both treatments helps individuals who suffer from underarm hyperhidrosis and eliminates the need to constantly reapply deodorant. It is the only procedure that heats and destroys sweat glands for permanent odor and sweat relief.

Doesn’t my body need sweat glands?

Many patients worry about the destruction of sweat glands interfering with normal perspiration. However, the body is home to nearly 2 million sweat glands. Dr. Rokhsar’s miraDry® treatment targets a mere 2% of those glands while offering the many benefits of dry, odorless underarms.

Is miraDry® safe?

Yes. The procedure has been safely performed on over 55,000 patients. Aside from slight side effects as the body naturally responds to the procedure, FDA-approved miraDry® is safe and comfortable.

What is the procedure like?

Dr. Rokhsar spaces out treatments three months apart for maximum effectiveness and safety. Before your session, a numbing cream is applied to the underarm. Then, during the treatment, a hand-held device transmits precise waves of electromagnetic energy to the target area. The one-hour-long treatments are gentle, and generally well tolerated by our patients.

What is recovery after miraDry® like?

Since it is a zero-downtime procedure, patients can return to work or regularly scheduled activities upon leaving our NYC office. Any discomfort experienced, such as mild swelling or irritation can be treated with over-the-counter pain medication or ice packs. Since the apocrine glands responsible for sweat production are directly targeted, decreased sweating and reduced odor will be noticed immediately after your treatment session.

How much does miraDry cost?

The cost of miraDry in NYC depends on your provider and the number of treatment sessions.

What is the miraDry procedure?

The miraDry procedure is a non-surgical, FDA-cleared treatment that targets and eliminates the sweat glands in the underarm, reducing excessive sweating and odor (aka axillary hyperhidrosis). The procedure uses precisely controlled energy, delivered by a handpiece placed on the underarm, to destroy the sweat glands non-invasively. This results in a lasting solution for excessive underarm sweat, as the sweat glands do not regenerate once eliminated. The procedure is performed by a trained medical professional in as little as one hour and is a minimally invasive treatment for hyperhidrosis. The New York Cosmetic, Skin & Laser Surgery Center headed by Dr. Rokhsar was the first MiraDry provider in the tri-state New york, New Jersey and Connecticut area. We have done more miradry procedures than any other physicians or medical center in the New York area. Dr. Rokhsar is one of the leading experts when it comes to Mirady procedure and has treated thousands of patients since 2008.

While miraDry is just one of numerous treatment options for excessive sweating, experts recommend that patients try antiperspirants first (over-the-counter clinical strength and/or prescription formulations) and then, if needed, progress to more invasive treatments like iontophoresis (for hands and feet). The miraDry procedure is FDA approved and uses microwave energy to destroy the sweat glands, eliminating the excessive sweating problems of people with axillary hyperhidrosis. Dr. Rokhsar also uses the miradry procedure for the groin area as an off label area. Dr. Rokhsar Prefers to do Botox injections for swearing for hands, feet or the face.

Dr. Rokhsar uses the Tumescent technique to numb the underarm area, which not only serves as pain control, but also provides a protective layer between the skin and underlying nerves. Then, a trained medical professional applies the miraDry device, which consists of a sequence of suctions along the skin on the underarms. The treatment is quick, non-invasive, and does not involve any surgical cuts or incisions. Results are dramatic and long-lasting since sweat glands do not regenerate. With Our numbing method, the miradry procedure is completely painless.

How does miraDry work?

miraDry is a non-surgical treatment for excessive underarm sweating that uses thermal energy to selectively heat and destroy sweat and odor glands. The procedure is typically performed in a physician’s office under local anesthesia, and patients usually experience little to no discomfort during the procedure with minimal downtime afterward. MiraDry can also decrease hair growth in the treated area, and this effect may be permanent. The MiraDry system uses controlled electromagnetic energy to heat up and eliminate sweat glands while cooling and protecting the skin. Once the sweat and odor glands are eliminated, they do not grow back, resulting in permanent sweat reduction in the armpits. The results of miraDry are typically noticeable within 1-2 weeks after treatment, with a 60-80% reduction in sweating with one session and an 80-95% reduction with two sessions.

How to prepare for miraDry?

First, it is recommended that you shave your underarms 48 hours before the procedure and avoid shaving after that so that short hair is visible to help identify the area to be treated. You should also wear a tank top with loose armholes on the day of the procedure. For males, a tank top is recommended, or even to go shirtless during the procedure. For females, a sports bra, camisole, or tank top is recommended to be worn during treatment.

After the procedure, you should ice the treated area using icepacks wrapped in a towel and use over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling. Apply ice packs on and off for the first 24-48 hours and take over-the-counter pain medication as recommended by Dr. Rokhsar.

You should also keep the treated area clean with warm water and a gentle liquid soap. Use a new razor when shaving is resumed.

There is no downtime for recovery after the procedure. Patients may return to their normal day-to-day activities immediately after.

How long does swelling last after miraDry?

It is common to experience swelling after a miraDry treatment. The duration of the swelling may vary from a few days up to a few weeks. Swelling can range from mild to severe, and it is possible to experience lumps due to inflamed veins.

To manage swelling, applying ice for 15 minutes every 30 minutes for the first 2-3 days after the treatment is recommended. Afterward, ice should be applied for 15 minutes every 1-2 hours when swelling occurs. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen or naproxen may also help reduce local irritation and pain.

How many miraDry treatments are needed?

Patients can expect to require a series of two miraDry treatments, spaced about 3 months apart, to achieve optimal results. Studies have shown that two treatments are essential to achieve a sweat reduction as high as 86% in most patients, although a 40-50% reduction in sweating can be attained after just one treatment. It’s also noted that in about 5% of cases, for people with severe hyperhidrosis, a third miraDry treatment may be necessary for optimal sweat and odor reduction. On average, most patients require 1-2 miraDry treatments.

How long after miraDry can I workout?

Most patients are able to resume exercise within several days after miraDry treatment. Specifically, patients should wait about 48 to 72 hours before exercising. While patients may still sweat after treatment, it will be significantly reduced from the underarms. Minor side effects of miraDry include underarm swelling, redness, and tenderness lasting for several days.

It’s worth noting that miraDry selectively heats and destroys underarm sweat glands, causing an immediate reduction in sweating, and decreases hair growth in the treated area. In the best-case scenario, one treatment reduces sweat by around 80% and odor by nearly 90%. Two MiraDry treatments, three months apart, almost eliminate underarm sweat for most people.
It’s important to consult with your doctor if you are unsure about when to resume exercise after miraDry treatment or if you have any concerns about your health and exercise routine.


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