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Countless people are victims of a condition called hyperhidrosis- excessive sweating. Hyperhidrosis is uncontrollable and can cause patients to experience embarrassment in social and professional situations. Historically, prescription antiperspirants, Botox and surgery have been the only treatments available.

miraDry and miraSmooth are products with over 5 years of research and development. Together, they are the latest treatments for hyperhidrosis. These technologies use precise microwave electromagnetic energy to destroy sweat glands while leaving surrounding tissues unharmed, resulting in effective, long-lasting treatment with minimal downtime. For most patients, just two, one hour long treatments will result in significantly reduced sweating with results that last longer than any non-invasive treatment available.

Dr. Rokhsar was the first miraDry and miraSmooth provider in New York, and has done more miraDry/miraSmooth procedures than any other physician in the New York area.

miraDry® VS Botox and Alternatives to Treat Excess Sweating

Hyperhidrosis Solutions miraDry®/miraSmooth® Botox Prescription Strength Antiperspirants





Treatment Method

Microwave electromagnetic energy that destroys sweat glands

Injections block nerve signals to prevent sweating

Daily use



Yes, injections using a fine needle

Yes, roll or spray on





Recovery Period




Odor Reduction










After 2 weeks



Permanent after 2 sessions

Requires ongoing treatments


Why miraDry – miraSmooth?

  • Current treatments such as Botox and prescription antiperspirants are temporary and work only by disabling the sweat glands. miraDry/miraSmooth is longer lasting because it destroys sweat glands.
  • Unlike surgery, miraDry/miraSmooth are both non-invasive and have little to no downtime. Many patients return to work after the procedure.

The Many Benefits of miraDry®/miraSmooth®

miraDry®/miraSmooth® boasts 90% and higher patient satisfaction rates. This non-invasive hyperhidrosis solution offers highly effective, permanent results that include odor protection with zero downtime. Following are some of the detailed benefits of miraDry®/miraSmooth®:

  • Significant decrease of underarm sweat and odor
  • Safe and approved by the FDA
  • Proven to offer 82% sweat reduction after 1 miraDry®/miraSmooth® session
  • Patients report the miraDry®/miraSmooth® experience is comfortable
  • Desired results can be achieved after only 2 treatments
  • No more sweat marks, deodorant stains or unpleasant odors as results are typically permanent

What happens on the day of the procedure?

  • The doctor begins by injecting a local anesthetic to the area to be treated. This helps to significantly increase patient comfort
  • Next, the doctor performs the treatment using the miraDry/miraSmooth device. He will choose settings specific to your skin anatomy. This procedure takes about an hour for both underarms.
  • There is no aftercare after the procedure. You will return in three months to repeat the treatment.

Is there any downtime?

  • There is no medical downtime after the procedure.
  • You may experience some redness, swelling, and tenderness for up to two weeks. These side-effects are temporary and will clear with time.
  • Many patients return to regular activities immediately following the procedure.

How effective is miraDry? When will I notice results and how long will they last?

  • As with any procedure, results depend greatly on the patient being treated. In clinical trials, virtually all patients treated with miraDry/miraSmooth experienced reduced sweating.
  • You will notice results immediately after the first treatment with increased results after the second treatment.
  • In clinical trials, dramatic results were still apparent 12 months after treatment and scientific research shows that sweat glands do not regenerate after treatment.

miraDry Medical CertificateDr. Rokhsar is the first miraDry provider in New York with the greatest experience in the tristate area.

miraDry® and miraSmooth® FAQ

Am I a candidate for miraDry®/miraSmooth®?

Men and women who experience excessive sweating and are tired of staining and ruining clothes are suitable to undergo miraDry®/miraSmooth® treatments. The innovative technique used in both treatments helps individuals who suffer from underarm hyperhidrosis and eliminates the need to constantly reapply deodorant. It is the only procedure that heats and destroys sweat glands for permanent odor and sweat relief.

Doesn’t my body need sweat glands?

Many patients worry about the destruction of sweat glands interfering with normal perspiration. However, the body is home to nearly 2 million sweat glands. Dr. Rokhsar’s miraDry®/miraSmooth® treatment targets a mere 2% of those glands while offering the many benefits of dry, odorless underarms.

Is miraDry®/miraSmooth® safe?

Yes. The miraDry®/miraSmooth® sweat reduction procedure has been safely performed on over 55,000 patients. Aside from slight side effects as the body naturally responds to the procedure, FDA-approved miraDry®/miraSmooth® is safe and comfortable. Dr. Rokhsar was the first miraDry®/miraSmooth® provider in New York and has performed more miraDry®/miraSmooth® procedures than any other physician in the New York area.

What is the miraDry®/miraSmooth® procedure like?

Dr. Rokhsar spaces out the MiraDry®/miraSmooth® treatments 3 months apart for maximum effectiveness and safety. Before your miraDry®/miraSmooth® session, a numbing cream is applied to the underarm. Then, during the treatment, a hand-held device transmits precise waves of electromagnetic energy to the target area. The one-hour long treatments are gentle, and generally well tolerated by our patients.

What is recovery after miraDry®/miraSmooth® like?

Since miraDry®/miraSmooth® is a zero downtime procedure, patients can return to work or regularly scheduled activities upon leaving our NYC office. Any discomfort experienced, such as mild swelling or irritation can be treated with an over the counter pain medication or ice packs. Since the apocrine glands responsible for sweat production are directly targeted, decreased sweating and reduced odor will be noticed immediately after your miraDry®/miraSmooth® treatment session.

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Top NYC board-certified dermatologist and laser specialist Dr. Rokhsar has achieved Platinum Plus Status from the creators of miraDry®. Dr. Rokhsar is the first miraDry®/miraSmooth® provider in New York and has the most extensive experience with this treatment in the tri-state area. Say goodbye to pit-stains and embarrassing underarm sweat by scheduling your miraDry®/miraSmooth® consultation at New York Cosmetic, Skin and Laser Surgery Center. If you are looking for a solution for excessive underarm sweating, contact Dr. Rokhsar today.


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