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Xeomin Injections in New York


A New Option for Getting Rid of Lines and Wrinkles

If you’re worried about fine lines and wrinkles and live in Long Island or Garden City, New York, Dr. Rokhsar has a solution for you! We are all familiar with Botox, but Xeomin is a newer, more innovative product used to mitigate lines and wrinkles that make us look older. Like Botox, Xeomin is a neuromodulator that uses an innocuous strain of botulinum toxin in order to combat those wrinkles. Dr. Rokhsar is a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist with daily experience in artistically applying Xeomin, Botox, and fillers to patients.

What makes Xeomin different from either of its competitors is that it is simpler – it is what is known as an “uncomplexed toxin.” Both Botox and Dysport use a protein to stabilize their botulinum toxin ingredient via a strong chemical bond. However small, this protein increases the chance of an allergic reaction to the injectable. It is rare (and most patients get great results from Botox and Dysport), but the body will sometimes see this protein as a foreign substance and generate an immune response. Xeomin, on the other hand, is designed to be “pure,” so that it does not need this extra protein. Because the extra protein is not present, the chances for an allergic reaction are lowered drastically. In other words, Xeomin can get the same great results that you see from Botox but at a lower risk for allergic reactions.

Get Your Xeomin in NYC from Dr. Rokhsar

Xeomin1 is designed to work in much the same way as other versions of itself, such as Botox and Dysport (both versions of botulinum toxin). When your muscles are functioning normally, your brain will send those muscles a signal, which then travels through a nerve and triggers the muscle tissue. Xeomin blocks the “triggering” step in this process, allowing the contracted muscle to relax and, therefore, mitigate the associated wrinkle. In this way, Xeomin can not only address current wrinkles but prevent some wrinkles from forming it in the first place. Many of Dr. Rokhsar’s New York Xeomin patients use this product as a “proactive” step in preventing the signs of aging.

Dr. Rokhsar performs Xeomin injections2 in both his New York and Garden City offices, so if you are wondering what this Botox-like injectable can do for you, the best way to find out is to schedule an appointment. Typically, Xeomin is a safe, effective, and fast way to eliminate wrinkles for a more youthful-looking result. For these reasons, this procedure is quite popular with many of Dr. Rokhsar’s NYC area patients. To schedule a consultation and get your transformation started, contact us today.

Xeomin FAQ

What is Xeomin used for?

Xeomin is a cosmetic anti-wrinkle injection. It is used for erasing wrinkles and smoothing skin much like Botox, but its popularity as a preventative treatment has increased. Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons are seeing more and more young patients requesting injections of botulinum before wrinkles even develop.

What happens when Xeomin is injected?

The botulinum neurotoxin is injected into treatment sites and dense liquid passes through the muscles and blocks the nerve pulses that are responsible for telling micro-muscular movements to occur within the face. When the brain sends a signal, it travels through neurotransmitters to the muscle. Simple, unnecessary movements of the face that cause wrinkles can be stopped. It is important to understand that this doesn’t mean patients will not be able to use the muscles in their faces, but it will instead stop some movements that are not necessary to facial expressions.

What does Xeomin treat most effectively?

Xeomin has been FDA approved to treat adults with abnormal head position or neck pain, as well as abnormal spasms of the eyelids. However, it is cosmetically used to reverse signs of aging such as the wrinkles formed between the eyebrows, on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth as a result of frowning, scowling, squinting from the sun, or concentrating on a task such as listening and reading.

How is it different from Botox?

Both Xeomin and Botox is a botulinum neurotoxin, a naturally occurring purified toxin which successfully paralyzes facial muscles. The only difference is that Xeomin does not contain any of the additives (proteins) that Botox has, thus making it less likely for the body to have an adverse reaction.

Can I start using Xeomin if I have used Botox or Dysport in the past?

Yes. Because Xeomin uses the same active ingredient as Botox and Dysport3, the products can be considered interchangeable. The dosage may be different, making it important to consult with Dr. Cameron Rokhsar on personal cosmetic goals and treatment history.

How long does it last?

Results can be seen within 7 to 10 days following only one session. The effects usually last 3 to 4 months before gradually subsiding; however some treatments could last up to 8 months.

What are the side effects of Xeomin?

There may be bruising, swelling and slight bleeding at the injection site, however, if this does occur, it is short-lasting. This can happen with any botulinum product such as Botox.

What is Xeomin used for?

Xeomin is a prescription injectable medication that contains botulinum toxin type A and is used for various purposes. It works by temporarily blocking nerve signals to the muscles, reducing muscle activity and resulting in a temporary reduction in muscle spasms or wrinkles.

In adults, Xeomin is primarily used to treat muscle spasms and stiffness of the arms (upper limb spasticity), cervical dystonia (a painful condition that causes neck muscle contractions), blepharospasm (involuntary eyelid twitching), and moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows. Forehead lines, cows feet, upper lip lines, bunny lines and TMJ can also be treated successfully with Xeomin.

Moreover, Xeomin can also be used to treat chronic sialorrhea (excessive drooling) in both adults and children. In fact, it was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for this purpose in 2021.

Additionally, neuromodulating drugs like Xeomin have been approved by the FDA to treat chronic migraines since 2010. Xeomin and other botulinum toxin injectables, such as Botox and Dysport, are used to treat blepharospasm and frown lines. And wrinkles in the forehead, around the eyes (crows feet), bunny lines (wrinkles on the nose), and upper and lower lip lines.

Where can Xeomin be injected?

Xeomin is injected directly into affected muscles or glands. It can be used to treat various conditions, including cervical dystonia, which causes painful chronic muscle spasms in the neck. It is commonly used for cosmetic purposes to smooth lines and prevent new wrinkles from forming. Xeomin is often injected in the forehead between the eyebrows to soften frown lines. Additionally, it is used to treat moderate to severe glabellar lines with corrugator and/or procerus muscle activity in adult patients. Also crows feet, bunny lines, lip lines and forehead wrinkles can be improved with Xeomin injections. Xemin should only be given by a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon, and can be done every 12 to 16 weeks. Dr. Cameron Rokhsar is an expert injector and he trains other doctors how to properly inject Xeomin, Botox, Dysport, Juveau, and dermal fillers.

How long does Xeomin take to work?

Xeomin typically takes 2-7 days to start taking effect, with many patients noticing improvement within the first day or two, particularly in the forehead area. It may take up to 10-14 days to see the final results from the treatment, although most patients will see visible results within a week of their injections. The full effects of Xeomin are typically seen within 2 weeks after the injection.

How many units of Xeomin for lips?

Xeomin is usually injected in small doses to interrupt nerve signals and affect muscle movement. For cosmetic treatments like lip injections, Xeomin is typically injected in 5 equal intramuscular injections of 4 units each, for a total recommended dose of 20 units per treatment in the glabella. Forehead lines may require 8-20 units. Upper lip lines may require 4-10 units. Retreatment Xeomin can be administered every 2-4 months similar to Botox injections.

How long after Xeomin can I workout?

It is recommended to wait at least 24 hours before engaging in any strenuous exercise after Xeomin injection. However, some doctors may suggest waiting a few days more, and it is best to follow your doctor’s specific instructions. Engaging in physical activity increases blood flow, which can potentially transfer the toxin to unwanted areas and reduce its effectiveness at the injection site.

Xeomin typically lasts anywhere from 2 to 4 months, and injections should be spaced at least 8 to 16 weeks depending how fast your muscle activity returns. Results may begin to appear within three to four days post-injection, but it may take up to a week for results to become noticeable, with maximum effect reached after 14 days.

Some doctors may recommend avoiding lying flat for four hours after the injection. Dr. Rokhsar believes that this is a myth without scientific backing.

Xeomin vs Botox: which lasts longer?

Xeomin and Botox are both temporary treatments for reducing wrinkles and both have been approved to treat similar conditions like frown lines and blepharospasm. They both appear to have similar onsets of action, duration of efficacy and overall similar results. They both last 2-4 months depending on the person. The duration of the effects of both treatments may vary depending on the area treated and the dose injected, as well as individual differences in terms of baseline muscle strength and speed of metabolism. During a consultation, Dr. Rokhsar will advise you and help you decide which of the two is best for you.

Xeomin vs Botox: which is safer?

Both Xeomin and Botox are approved by the FDA to treat similar conditions such as blepharospasm, frown lines, and cervical dystonia. They are also both used in treatment of forehead wrinkles, glabella, eleven or frown lines, wrinkles around the eyes (crows feet), wrinkles on the nose (bunny lines), upper lip lines, chin lines, neck wrinkles or platysma banding, jaw mass reduction and TMJ as well as many other cosmetic and medical indications. They differ slightly in their manufacturing processes. Xeomin claims to be a purified form of botulinum toxin type A, while Botox is composed of a complex mixture of proteins. These differences do not seem to result in any differences in clinical results in terms of efficacy or duration.

Xeomin injections are similar to botox injections and are considered safe, with complications being uncommon and usually the result of poor injections or incorrect dosage. It is important to see a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon for your Xeomin or botox injections to minimize the risk of complications. Possible side effects include bruising, swelling, and tenderness at injection sites.

Although Botox has been in use for a longer period than Xeomin, all nueromodulators includig jeuveau, botox, Xeomin and Dysport are considered safe and effective treatment options for wrinkles, when administered by a qualified board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. They all have similar onsets of action and durations in terms of effectiveness. They can all be used for treatment of eleven lines, forehead lines, nose wrinkles or bunny lines, crows feet or wrinkles around the eyes, neck lines and wrinkles (platysma bands), chin lines and wrinkles, upper and lower lip lines and wrinkles, and many other amazing cosmetic indications.

Xeomin vs Dysport: which lasts longer?

Xeomin typically takes around 4-7 days before patients see the full effects of the treatment, and it lasts for about 3-4 months. Dysport also takes around 4-7 days to take effect. The peak effect for both is around 14 days. They both last two to four months. This depends on the patient’s metabolism, how strong the muscles were that were injected, and if the patient just started injections or has been injecting for a long time. Some people think that Dysport may start working faster than Xeomin. However this is not the consensus, Dr. Rokhsar believes that each neurotoxin starts working at different times in different patients and lasts 2-4 months depending on the patient’s individual muscle characteristics.

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