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Don’t Let Your Hands Reveal Your Age

posted in Vein Treatment, Wrinkles

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Our hands seem to do everything for us. What would we do without them? They’re resilient, resourceful and deserve some skin care attention in return. When we think of wrinkles and aging, we often think of our face, the creases next to our eyes, the hollowness beneath our eyes or the thinning of our lips. Our hands seem to be last on the priority list until the bulgy veins and translucent skin becomes so noticeable, it demands our attention. As skin ages it loses collagen, the protein that gives skin its structure and strength, and is the main cause for volume loss in the skin. Fillers, such as Radiesse or Sculptra can be used on the hands to replace lost volume. The simple injections require no downtime and provide patients with a simple solution to a noticeable side effect of aging. The added volume smooth wrinkles and decreases the appearance of protruding veins and the bluish-green color.

After years of sun exposure, the hands also develop brown spots and other signs of sun damage. This uneven skin tone is will only worsen as years and more summer-sun exposure go by. Removing spots with creams and lotions is rarely effective because it doesn’t penetrate deep enough into the dermis. Removing spots with Fraxel:Dual is a non-invasive treatment that penetrate within the skin to smooth the texture, remove wrinkles, and remove hyperpigmentation.

Plan to keep SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen with you wherever you go. Even during the chilly winter months sun damage threatens to re-damage the skin post-treatment or worsen any untreated areas.

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