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Get Rid of Your Baggy, Tired-looking Eyes

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Due to the natural aging process, the lower eyelids can become hollow and drag fat into the lower eyelids section. Droopy bags develop and make you appear not only older, but tired. This unattractive look can be corrected or camouflaged by using a filler substance such as Restylane. The treatment only takes 15 minutes and results can last six months to a year. The shadowing effect that this under-eye flaw creates can be greatly reduced using Restylane, an excellent alternative to those who are surgery averse. It is made of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural sugar found in the skin, which is why it naturally dissolves after one year. Temporary swelling and redness at the injection sites are the only side effects that typically lasts for only two or three days.

In order to ensure that eye-restoration is fully addressed, volume, texture, and excess skin must all be taken into consideration when choosing to correct baggy eyes. It is rare that there is so much excess skin that it needs to be surgically removed, however the tightening of skin is an effective approach to supplement Restylane.

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery is done through making tiny incisions into the eyelid and under eye and excess fat is removed, skin is tightened and sutures are secured. This is usually performed during a facelift, but can be done alone.

Fraxel, a fractional laser treatment can be used to gently resurface your eyelids gradually and can be used in addition to filler or surgical treatments. This laser therapy is the most innovative approach to laser skin treatment by resurfacing the skin 15 to 30 percent each session. Microscopic columns of treatment are administered along the desired sections of skin which stimulates collagen production, the protein responsible for tightening and structuring the skin. New York Dermatologist, Dr. Cameron Rokhsar has been the interviewed expert on ABC News to explain the benefits of laser resurfacing. Dr. Rokhsar is a fellowship-trained physician who used the laser when it was a prototype, making him the longest practicing Fraxel user in the world.

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