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When is the best time to get Coolsculpting in 2016!

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Getting Ready for Summer in Long Island and New York City

It might not feel like it, but summer is fast approaching. In just a few months, the snow will be melting and the leaves will be sprouting (that is, if we ever get any snow—it’s been a funny sort of winter here in New York this year). The point is that in a matter of months, you’ll be thinking about hitting the beach and, therefore, fitting into your swimwear. Getting beach ready is a long process, of course, and sometimes it means diet and exercise. Other times, you can get a little help from noninvasive procedures, such as Coolsculpting. Here’s the secret to Coolsculpting in 2016: if you want to be ready to hit the beach when summer hits, get your Coolsculpting started now.

It’s true that Coolsculpting is a non-invasive, nonsurgical method for helping to mitigate areas of unwanted fat. But one thing many patients don’t know about Coolsculpting is that it can take some time for results to manifest. The upside of this is that those results just keep getting better and better until you reach those peak results. Coolsculpting is a popular option because of the way it can help slim you down, tighten your skin, and improve your confidence and self-esteem. It does all this with little recovery period and almost no physical discomfort. Dr. Cameron Rokhsar is one of the first cosmetic surgeons in New York to offer CoolSculpting. Dr. Rokhsar is also among the few doctors to provide patients with CoolAdvantage, a faster way to reduce fat in just 35 minutes.

When Should I Get Coolsculpting?

It’s never too early in the year to start thinking about getting beach ready. Part of getting ready for the beach might be taking the step to target troublesome areas of fat with a Coolsculpting procedure. As with liposuction, Coolsculpting is designed primarily to help mitigate those areas of fat that are difficult to target with diet or exercise. This can be a vital step for those who want total control over how they look walking along the beach. So if you’re thinking about a Coolsculpting procedure to help you get ready for the summer, here’s what you should keep in mind in terms of timing:

  • Your Desired Results: It may or may not take several Coolsculpting sessions in order to achieve your desired results. Consecutive treatments are usually scheduled 30-60 days apart, so be sure to give yourself ample time.
  • When You Want to See Your Final Results: Coolsculpting results generally take around 4 months to reach their peak. That means if you want to be beach ready by June, you should be in our office by February at the latest. Granted, even if you book in July, you’ll still look slimmer by August—it will just take a few months for peak results to show.
  • Your Schedule: Each Coolsculpting procedure takes approximately an hour to perform. Compared to surgery, that’s incredibly quick, but it’s still something you need to fit into your schedule (many of our patients actually work on a laptop or smart phone during their procedure). However, there is very little recovery required for Coolsculpting, so many patients return to normal activities after their procedure.

Coolsculpting vs Liposuction

Both Coolsculpting and Liposuction are excellent ways to control the shape and proportion of your body. That’s why they’re so popular! One procedure isn’t necessarily better or worse than the other. It all depends on what’s a better fit for you and your lifestyle.

If you want Liposuction, you:

  • Have significant areas of fat that you want to eliminate
  • Have time for a moderate recovery period
  • Are generally healthy enough for surgery
  • Are considering a fat graft or fat transfer procedure
  • Want bold, strong results

Liposuction is a surgical procedure during which a small incision is made and a small tube, called a cannula, is inserted to remove fat. To learn more about liposuction, check out our liposuction page.

On the other hand, if you want Coolsculpting, you:

  • Have areas of fat that you want to reduce (these areas of fat can cover a broad surface area)
  • Do now want to experience any down time
  • Wish to avoid invasive surgical procedures
  • Are looking for subtle, but noticeable effects
  • Want results without pain or recovery

Coolsculpting uses extreme cold to help break down fat cells. Your skin is actually far more resistant to cold than your fat cells are, which means that the cold actually numbs the skin while the fat cells break down, helping to manage any discomfort. As the fat cells are absorbed into your body, the treated visible areas of fat diminish, leaving you looking more slender.

Get Your Coolsculpting Now

If you want to be ready for summer, you should contact us now to start the process. Coolsculpting in 2016 is starting early so you can make sure to hit the beach in tip top form!

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