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Waxing, Shaving or Laser Hair Removal?

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The benefits of laser hair removal far exceed the temporary and painful cycles waxing demands. You will see a significant reduction of about 85 to 90 percent embarrassing body hair or constant ingrown hairs by trying laser hair removal.

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar utilizes the latest in laser hair removal technology by providing his patients with the ND:Yag laser. The laser sends a beam of heat energy into each individual hair follicle. Because your hair grows in cycles with periods of rest, t is important that the hair follicle be in the growing phase in order for it to be properly destroyed.

Because hair grows in cycles, the number of treatments required to reach your cosmetic goals will depend upon your skin, hair color, coarseness and amount of hair present. It will take about three to six treatments spaced out every four to six weeks in order to treat the follicles and then repeated sessions when they re-enter the growth phase, but this will be dramatically slower than a normal growth phase by using routine shaving or waxing. The most popular and effective places to have laser treatments are the neck, forearms, upper arms, under arms, back, legs and bikini area.

Those with dark course hair and light skin are the easiest to treat. Those with tans or who routinely go tanning must wait until their tan fades before being treated.

New York Dermatologist Dr. Cameron Rokhsar is a leading authority in laser treatments, making him a reliable expert on hair removal. He has been featured on “NBC News Today” explaining the benefits of laser hair removal. “I think it’s the most permanent, the least painful,  and the most advantageous way to do hair removal,” Dr. Rokhsar said.

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