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Botox vs Dysport vs Xeomin

Written by Dr. Rokhsar

Botox®, which is made of trace amount of a botulinum toxin, has been the unchallenged champion of injectable wrinkle treatments. All subtypes of this toxin are naturally occurring proteins. Competition has finally arrived in the form of two new medications: Dysport and Xeomin.

Dysport has been used for years in Europe and is now FDA approved for use in the US. Dysport is made of botulinum toxin A, a subtype of the substance used in Botox. Dysport is slightly more diluted than Botox. Dysport takes about 4-7 days to have noticeable results, while Botox takes up to two weeks to see results. This is not a huge difference, but may be important for the patient with an upcoming party or event. Botox lasts for up to 3-4 months; while Dysport has been shown to last up to 4 months.

Dysport has been reported to spread over a larger area than Botox. In a delicate area such as around the eyes, injection of Dysport thus requires a skilled, experienced physician in order to keep the product in the correct area. In other areas, such as the forehead, Dysport may have the same effects with fewer injections.

Xeomin is made of botulinum toxin A, another type of botulinum toxin. Xeomin is used for wrinkles, cervical dystonia, and blepharospasm. Cervical dystonia can cause pain from abnormal neck movements. Blepharospasm is an unintentional spasm and/or blinking of the eyelids. Xeomin takes about seven days to have results.

The more appreciable differences between Botox® Dysport, and Xeomin lie in their chemical structure. Botox® has been used in the US for many years; while the others have not. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Rokhsar to discuss which treatment is best for you. Dr. Rokhsar is an expert in injecting Botox®, Dysport and Xeomin. He was selected along with a specialized group of physicians to have early access to Dysport and Xeomin in order to test their efficiency. This provided Dr. Rokhsar with exclusive expertise and knowledgeable precision.