Sculptra and Radiesse are both dermal fillers used to replace volume and a youthful look to the facial skin.  They are composed of different substances. Radiesse is made of calcium spheres suspended in a gel; a substance naturally present in the body.  Radiesse gives immediate results of a more youthful face.  Additionally, Radiesse continues to improve skin over time by stimulating collagen production.  The increased collagen will replace the soft, youthful volume your skin once had.  Radiesse is used for acne scars, wrinkles, smile lines, aging hands, crow’s feet, and can also be used to contour the cheekbones and chin.  You will notice the results as soon as the treatment is finished.  You can enjoy results from Radiesse for up to one year.

Sculptra is composed of plant-derived acids.  Sculptra is used to smooth smile lines, crow’s feet, aging hands, and to fill in hollow under-eye bags. After a treatment with Sculptra, the injected volume will go down after a few days- there are no immediate results.  Sculptra works by stimulating your own skin to make more collagen- this process takes time, and peak results are seen over the course of 3-6 months.  Sculptra requires multiple sessions.  The number of treatments you need depends on a variety of factors; such as the areas of concern and the depth of your wrinkles. Sculptra is a great option for those who are shy of an immediate change to their face and prefer a more gradual improvement.  Sculptra provides long lasting results for up to two years.