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Don’t Look Tired Even If You Are

posted in Non Surgical Procedures

At a certain point in all of our lives, the inevitable occurs: the signs of aging. From the heavy, sagging brows, wrinkles and creases to fine lines, crows feet, and extra skin on the face and extremities the effects can be frustrating. In a city where it’s easy to feel tired, why look it too?  To counter these changes, there have been many surgical and non-surgical treatments available over the past few decades, but none as truly non-invasive as Ulthera.

Ulthera utilizes the 50+ year technology of the Ultrasound to specifically target loose skin. The machine sends sound waves, or energy, to the specified area. This energy heats to lift and tightens the skin without disturbing the quality of the surface skin. Not only this, but the Ulthera treatment also stimulates your body’s creation of new collagen,  which will continue to help your skin achieve and maintain that smoother, more youthful appearance.

I have been involved in official clinical studies of the Ulthera system, and have been working with it since its inception. Having treated more patients than most physicians who are just learning about the system, I am able to customize treatments to your specific needs and skin type. The results of my clinical trials have been stunning: my patients have seen remarkable tightening in their faces and even their elbows (a commonly forgotten yet obvious location for aging evidence).

The procedure takes only about 30-60 minutes with initial results visible immediately and final results visible in the following months as your body remodels naturally. Ulthera cannot replace the major transformations surgical treatments offer, but it can provide a quick and much easier means to turning back the clock. Because your own body does much of the work, the result is natural and won’t leave you looking stretched or overdone.

If it sounds too good to be true, don’t take my word for it. Stop in and see the before-and-after photos or make an appointment to consult with me on how Ulthera could assist you in looking young, rejuvenated, and refreshed!

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