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Face Treatment Guide


How do Liposuction and Skin Tightening Work Together?

Partying, drinking and eating from end-of-the-year holidays will all take their toll on both your skin and your waistline. And with New Year’s resolutions making promises to lose weight, be healthier and happier, many struggle to fulfill their goals in between their busy schedules. But sometimes your genes or exercise resistant fat pouches prevent you […]

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Cheek Bones

How to Get More Defined Cheek Bones?

Ask someone what they might like to change about themselves if given the chance, and many people will pick from the well-known list: nose, eyes, chin, wrinkles, stubborn fat pockets here or there. But very rarely do we hear “cheeks.” This is probably because most patients are unaware of just how impactful the cheeks are […]

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