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Facial Care: Morning vs. Night

posted in Skin Care

Skin care is important around the clock, but the skin has different needs at different points of the day. Whether you’ve just woken up, walking out of the gym, are going out to dinner with friends or are lying down for bed; your skin has specific needs that are dependent on the situation.

Every morning should start off with sunscreen, regardless of the season. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends wearing at least SPF 30 broad spectrum on the face and especially the shoulders, arms, neck and anywhere else that receives the most sun exposure on a daily basis. Applying sunscreen around the eyes is especially important because of how thin the skin is and its susceptibility to sunburn. Broad spectrum will protect the skin from the exposure of both UVA and UVB rays and can be applied beneath makeup. However, it is important that the skin can breathe and it isn’t completely covered my blushes on top of concealers and foundations. Don’t forget to let your skin healthily glow on its own.

A pre and post gym routine should begin and end with a fresh cleaning and light exfoliation. Reapplication of sunscreen should be applied, especially when exercising outdoors. Sweating is the body’s natural cooling system that expels through the pores. If there are makeup and dirt stuck to your face, your body’s not only going to have a harder time cooling down but breathing, at a time when the body needs to move oxygen-rich blood to hard-working muscles.

Check in tomorrow to see what night time care you should be taking!

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