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Foods To Avoid

posted in Skin Care

The clear skin diet is easy to follow one if you just keep a few things in mind. The first is excess salt. Salt retains additional fluid in the body which causes swelling and a puffy eye appearance that can make you look tired and older than you really are. Try to avoid never picking up a salt shaker and just sticking with what salt was already cooked with the dish itself.

Excess coffee, along with sodas, and alcohol, are known dehydrators. Your skin needs all the moisture it can get when it comes to supplementing through diet. Caffeine itself is a known stimulant that increases cortisol production and dries out the skin that can lead to wrinkling and drying out.

Foods with a high glycemic load are also something to be avoided. They cause drastic fluctuations in blood sugar and lead to excess secretion of insulin and adrenaline, which is a contributor to increased sebum production; an acne ingredient! Processed foods are known culprits that increase the glycemic load. They’re usually made of refined flour, low in fiber and high in salt content; a recipe for skin disaster.

It’s important to have a consultation with your dermatologist if you’re unfamiliar with what foods and general skin up-keep you should be practicing. Check in tomorrow to find out what are the best foods to supplement beautiful skin!

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