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Signs of Aging Skin: What Happens to Your Skin as you Age?

20s – Start seeing the development of fine lines. Possible increase in pore size. Development of uneven pigmentation, freckling, or red blood vessel formation as a direct result of sun exposure or sun damage. Potential mild skin looseness.

30s – Potential etching in of the fine lines into the skin. Some dynamic lines become static lines. Potential worsening of sun damage including pigment formation and uneven pigmentation as well as blood vessel formation. Increase in looseness of the skin. Mild atrophy of the fat pads, which is some patients can result in hollowness of the face. Potential development of crow’s feet around the eyes. Descent of the malar fat pads and the protrusion of lower eyelid fat bags, causing formation of tear trough which is a delineation of the cheek and eyelid skin.

40s – Development of mild to moderate lines and wrinkles of the skin. Upper lip / smoker line development. Early development of the lower half of the face, or jowls formation. Development of neck looseness and bands in the neck called platysmal bands. Further etching of dynamic lines into various areas of the face into static lines like forehead lines, crows feet, upper lip with crease formations in the chin. Development of moderate skin laxity or looseness. Development of hanging skin on the neck. Further exacerbation of tear trough and hollowness of the skin.

50s – Moderate to severe sun damage formation including prominent pigment and vascular changes in the skin. Moderate to severe skin looseness. Prominent hollownesses and jowls. Prominent volume loss in mid cheeks. Hollowness around eyes and significant fat pad protrusion around eyelids. Further loose skin around neck/heaviness of neck. Further platysmal banding of the neck or muscle looseness of the neck.

60s – Significant osteoporosis of the skull, causing significant atrophy of the entire skull leading to a hollow face all around. Moderate to severe wrinkle formation and etching all throughout the face. Jowl formation in the lower cheeks and face. Etching of severe wrinkles in glabella, crows feet, upper lip, chin, cheeks. Severe dyschromia formation & blood vessel formation in the skin. Potential development of roughness of the skin or pre-cancerous formation called actinic keratosis.

70s -Severe and deep wrinkle formation through the face. Severe hollowness and sunkenness of the face. Severe osteoporosis of the skull. Severe fat pad formation & tear trough. Severe looseness of the skin leading to face jowls and neck looseness. Severe pigmentary damage leading to rough and scaly skin.

80s – Stop looking in the mirror 🙂

About author - Dr. Cameron Rokhsar

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar, MD, FAAD, FAACS, is the founder and medical director of the New York Cosmetic, Skin, & Laser Surgery Center. Dr. Rokhsar is a graduate of Harvard College and NYU School of Medicine. Dr. Rokhsar is double board certified in dermatology and micrographic dermatologic surgery, being one of the few select dermatologists in the country who is also fellowship trained in laser surgery. A researcher and innovator, Dr. Rokhsar is the creator of the non-surgical nose job and has been instrumental in the research and development of laser systems such as the Fraxel, CO2, Mirady, Vbeam, Themitight, and Ulthera devices. An Associate Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC, Dr. Rokhsar actively teaches the cosmetic dermatology clinic to the resident at Mount Sinai. An expert injector of fillers, and a trainer for many companies, patients fly in from around the world to see Dr. Rokhsar in his Garden City and Manhattan offices in New York.

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