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Skin Irritants: Common allergies found in your home!

posted in Skin Care

Experiencing skin irritation is something almost everyone is familiar with at some point in their life. Whether it’s a mild redness, seemingly random swelling and itchiness, or a severe case of blisters, hives and sores; your skin is susceptible to irritation. It’s your body’s largest organ and first line of defense so it’s not unusual when a bump or blemish appear.

One way to describe a wide range of skin inflammation is dermatitis. Some forms of dermatitis are a result of internal conditions such as eczema, which is usually a hereditary condition that can be triggered by stress, allergies or asthma. But others are external and a lot of them could be a chemical lurking just inside your home! It’s called contact dermatitis and it’s the reaction your skin has to an external irritant that creates an allergic reaction.

Every single day you come in contact with so many different products, scents and chemicals that an irritation seems inevitable. But it’s hard to figure out exactly what the source of that new red itchy spot. You could have mild chafing from the harsh wind or it could be that new detergent you just bought. Who knows! Well, your dermatologist could figure it out, but you could definitely try narrowing it down at home through trial-and-error.

No matter what skin irritation you have, you can treat the symptoms with lotions and over-the-counter medicated skin creams. If the irritation persists or worsens, you should see a health professional for a more precise diagnosis and treatment.

Most household chemicals, such as cleaning products, have clear messages on their labels, like “do not swallow” and “avoid contact with eyes.” Which we all know need to be out of the reach of children’s hands, and that means if it’s dangerous for your insides you should keep away from it. Many of these products can also irritate, or even damage, your skin. You can avoid exposure by wearing protective gloves or even a mask while you’re using the products, especially bleach.

Want to know more about the dangers that linger inside your home? Check in tomorrow and protect you and your family!

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