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Body Acne: Causes, Prevention, Treatment

Acne is one of the most common skin disorders that affect 85 percent of teenagers to some degree. Acne is a result f a combination of factors, and can remain a problem for some people until age 40 or 50. But acne doesn’t just affect the face; it can also affect other parts of the body, and depending on the degree, can make it a frustrating, uncomfortable and embarrassing skin disorder. It is also possible for those that don’t suffer from face acne, to be plagued with body acne.

Body acne, or what some refer to as, “Bacne” can be found almost anywhere on the body, but patients most commonly experience chest, back, shoulders, and buttocks. The only place that acne cannot breakout on is the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet because the sebaceous follicles that are necessary for acne breakouts are not present.

Body acne can actually be harder to treat than facial acne because they often irritated by clothing and are hard to reach and clean as thoroughly as the face. Blemishes can be very deep and highly inflamed with large cystic breakouts and nodules. Body acne needs to be treated aggressively by a dermatologist. Dr. Rokhsar is an expert in treating acne and acne scars. Before beginning acne treatment, Dr. Rokhsar will consider what type of acne you have, and the severity.

Acne occurs from an increased amount of sebum which is an oily fluid that moisturizes the skin and hair follicles. An abnormal, excess amount of sebum traps dead cells and clogs the pores. During puberty, the glands enlarge and overproduce sebum, which is why so frequently teenagers suffer the most from acne breakouts.

Dr. Rokhsar may recommend and prescribe topical antibiotics, retinoids for routine application twice a day. As a dermatologist at the forefront of the industry, Dr. Rokhsar has the most innovative treatments to provide his patients. Photodynamic laser therapy is an effective treatment for severe acne, which requires a more high-power treatment. Light-activated solutions will target and destroy acne, as well as diminishes older acne scars. The V-Beam is also an effective laser treatment that destroys the acne with an intense gentle burst of light. The V-Beam can also be used for unsightly veins and skin blemishes.

Body acne isn’t something people have to go through, there are solutions to this very common skin condition and Dr. Rokhsar provides his patients with an effective treatment plan with the state-of-the-art techniques, lasers and knowledge-base.

About author - Dr. Cameron Rokhsar

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar, MD, FAAD, FAACS, is the founder and medical director of the New York Cosmetic, Skin, & Laser Surgery Center. Dr. Rokhsar is a graduate of Harvard College and NYU School of Medicine. Dr. Rokhsar is double board certified in dermatology and micrographic dermatologic surgery, being one of the few select dermatologists in the country who is also fellowship trained in laser surgery. A researcher and innovator, Dr. Rokhsar is the creator of the non-surgical nose job and has been instrumental in the research and development of laser systems such as the Fraxel, CO2, Mirady, Vbeam, Themitight, and Ulthera devices. An Associate Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC, Dr. Rokhsar actively teaches the cosmetic dermatology clinic to the resident at Mount Sinai. An expert injector of fillers, and a trainer for many companies, patients fly in from around the world to see Dr. Rokhsar in his Garden City and Manhattan offices in New York.

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