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Want Baby Soft Skin?

posted in Skin Care

Everyone wants smooth, baby soft skin, but to keep up with your skin’s needs you’ll have to modify your daily beauty routine. Baby soft skin is maintained with well moisturized, exfoliated and nourished skin. Skin is the largest organ of the body, and should be treated with the attention it deserves.


Follow these steps:

  1. While in the bath, use bath oil, the oil will hydrate and protect the skin. But for those that prefer showers, a creamy moisturizing shower cleanser will help treat your skin. And at least once a week, incorporate an exfoliating body scrub into your shower and bath routine. It helps get rid of dead skin cells that might be holding onto your healthy, new layer of skin.
  2. Limit your time spent in the bath and shower and make sure the water isn’t too hot, it’ll dry out your skin. Afterwards, gently pat yourself dry. Rubbing skin roughly can irritate the skin and cause more unnecessary dryness.
  3. Apply moisturizer or unscented cream right after, while skin is still slightly wet. It’ll help lock in moisturizer and nourish the skin as it fully dries.
  4. Plan your exercise routine around the same time you shower in order to avoid showering twice. Too much showering won’t help your skin stay soft, but instead dry and tire it out. It needs the body’s natural oils to cleanse it just as much as it needs to be hydrated. Drink plenty of water every day, which means about half your body weight in ounces.Dr. Rokhsar is a fellowship-trained dermatologist who provides individual consultations for his patients. The attentive care he gives to each appointment allows him to evaluate the skin and its needs.

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