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Stop Excess Underarm Sweat at Home: New QBREXZA, Single-Use Glycopyrronium Cloth Wipes

Up to 365 million people who suffer from hyperhidrosis, better known as excessive sweating, know how horrible the condition can be to live with on a daily basis. Until now, sufferers turned to Botox injections, miraDry treatments, and medication to treat their extra sweaty problems. However, QBREXZA, the new FDA-approved topical underarm wipes, offer an additional, easy to use at home solution for hyperhidrosis.

New York Cosmetic, Skin and Laser Surgery Center, with offices in NYC and Long Island, are pleased to announce the addition of QBREXZA wipes for treating excessive underarm sweat. New York Cosmetic, Skin and Laser Surgery Center founder, Dr. Cameron Rokhsar, a board-certified dermatologist and laser surgeon, was the first physician in the New York region to offer the FDA-approved miraDry treatment in January 2012. Now, for people searching to stop overactive sweating, Dr. Rokhsar is happy to provide an easy to use at home solution via QBREXZA wipes.

How do QBREXZA underarm wipes stop over-sweating?

QBREXZA delivers medication in pre-moistened wipes that are applied to clean underarms every 24 hours. The medicated cloths help to prevent excess sweating by directing the sympathetic nervous system to limit sweat gland activation. Every night you simply wipe and apply them to unbroken armpit skin, making sure to wash your hands afterward. The next morning you can use your favorite antiperspirant deodorant as usual.

The active ingredient in each QBREXZA towelette is a 2.4% Glycopyrronium solution, with one wipe to be used for both armpits only once, then discarded. Whereas Drysol antiperspirant (aluminum chloride) offers a similar solution, many people experience a burning sensation when using it.

QBREXZA in addition to Botox and miraDry

NYC and Long Island expert dermatologist and laser surgeon, Dr. Rokhsar, recommends QBREXZA for people looking to effectively treat excess sweat from the comfort of their home. People who experience excessively sweaty feet, hands, and underarms may discover QBREXZA makes an excellent addition to their arsenal of hyperhidrosis solutions, as it can further reduce perspiration when added to a treatment plan that includes Botox injections or miraDry treatments. With Botox injections working well and lasting from 3 to 6 months, the QBREXZA cloths represent an addendum for folks who want an additional solution for areas other than their armpits. QBREXZA can also be an alternative treatment for people who do not like needles, or who do not want to return for follow-up Botox or miraDry treatments periodically.

The benefits of QBREXZA wipes to stop your sweating

The QBREXZA wipes are an attractive solution to excessive sweating because they are a non-invasive, aluminum-free option that tackles the problem without the need for in-office treatments. Once your excess underarm sweating problem is diagnosed, QBREXZA wipes can be a solution that you use every evening to treat hyperhidrosis from home.

Who can use QBREXZA?

Any healthy, non-pregnant individual who suffers from excessive underarm sweating and is over 9 years old can be a good candidate for QBREXZA cloths. It is important to follow the instructions carefully and to wash your hands after using the wipes in order to avoid side effects such as blurred vision.

Why choose Dr. Cameron Rokhsar for your QBREXZA prescription?

Dr. Rokhsar is a highly trained board-certified dermatologist who has extensive experience treating individuals with excessive sweating. While he offers patients advanced excess sweat treatments, such as miraDry, he is pleased to offer patients a simple, at home treatment that can be used daily to reduce excessive sweating. Although two miraDry treatments can offer up to an 80% improvement in excessive sweating in many areas of the body, including the upper groin and inner thigh area, Dr. Rokhsar now offers QBREXZA as an additional solution for uncontrollable sweating. With QBREXZA wipes, Dr. Rokhsar is able to provide multiple solutions for people looking to eliminate overactive sweating. For more information on how you can get rid of excess sweat, contact New York Cosmetic, Skin and Laser Surgery Center in NYC and Long Island today.

About author - Dr. Cameron Rokhsar

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar, MD, FAAD, FAACS, is the founder and medical director of the New York Cosmetic, Skin, & Laser Surgery Center. Dr. Rokhsar is a graduate of Harvard College and NYU School of Medicine. Dr. Rokhsar is double board certified in dermatology and micrographic dermatologic surgery, being one of the few select dermatologists in the country who is also fellowship trained in laser surgery. A researcher and innovator, Dr. Rokhsar is the creator of the non-surgical nose job and has been instrumental in the research and development of laser systems such as the Fraxel, CO2, Mirady, Vbeam, Themitight, and Ulthera devices. An Associate Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC, Dr. Rokhsar actively teaches the cosmetic dermatology clinic to the resident at Mount Sinai. An expert injector of fillers, and a trainer for many companies, patients fly in from around the world to see Dr. Rokhsar in his Garden City and Manhattan offices in New York.

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