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Get Ready for Spring Wear & Get Rid of Your Cellulite, Continued…

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There is a way to achieve beautiful, smooth legs, love hands and stomachs without having to make an incision! You’ll no longer have to worry about how you look in shorts or a bikini this summer if cellulite typically causes you to cover up.


If you decide that you want to try to reduce the amount of cellulite you have, it’s important to first try and decrease your excess body fat, if you have any. It doesn’t matter what causes cellulite, there aren’t any miracle lotions, creams or medicines that can make it permanently go away. However, there is a solution.

VelaSmooth is the only FDA-approved medical device that is designed to non-surgically address cellulite. VelaSmooth penetrates deep using radiofrequency energy combines with infrared energy to stimulate the fat cells’ metabolism in order to reduce the size of fat cells, which will ultimately eliminate cellulite. It uses a vacuum suction to gently massage the skin with  mechanical rollers to increase circulation into the local area. It then stimulates the tissue in order to drain trapped fluids through the lymphatic system. Heat from the infrared light source is administered into the skin to use the energy from adipocytes in this layer to tighten up. It can treat the most problematic areas, such as the thighs, love handles, and stomach up to 50 percent.

You can check to see if you have cellulite by pinching the skin around your upper thigh. If it the surface is uneven and it looks lumpy, you’re probably a candidate for treatment. If you do have cellulite, you’re definitely not alone: Most girls and women, and even some men, have cellulite.

Even some models have cellulite, however that doesn’t mean you have to settle with it. Most people have certain problem areas on their body they wish they could fix and if cellulite is your problem area then consider a treatment that doesn’t require surgery or downtime with virtually no pain and try VelaSmooth.

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