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What You Can Benefit From Moisturizing Your Hands And Feet

posted in Skin Care

A person’s hands and feet arguably endure the most use throughout the day. Whether your feet are being stuffed into shoes and walking you several blocks in the city, or your hands are chopping and cooking up a meal for your family; hands and feet experience a lot in a person’s day-to-day routine.Over washing, and under moisturizing hands can lead to frequently dry hands. Dry skin can cause itchiness, skin irritation, and eventually fine lines and wrinkles if not regularly treated. Dry skin can be a product of many factors, including dry weather during any season but especially the winter, also bathing and cleaning products, as well as certain health conditions known as xerosis.

Your hands, along with your face, are the most exposed parts of the body and therefore require more care than the rest of the body. Moisturizing regularly especially just after bathing or washing your hands is important and will leave hands soft and smooth. Moisturizing while the skin is still damp is the optimal way to treat dry skin, which should turn into your regular skincare routine. For those with very dry skin, baby oil is an effective remedy because it has a longer staying power than the average moisturizer and will prevent moisture from evaporating off the skin.
The soles of your feet are just as important to keep healthy. The soles of the feet receive excellent care and attention during a professional pedicure; however, it is a costly maintenance routine. There are at-home remedies for dry and cracked feet. Products such as pumice stones for buffing away dry and dead skin followed by a deep-moisturize foot cream. Covering the soles or your feet with petroleum jelly Vaseline every night before bed will soften feet up as you sleep, and putting on socks helps to keep the Vaseline in place as you sleep.

Dr. Rokhsar is a fellowship-trained dermatologist who can assess a patient’s skin type and advise on proper, healthy skin care. Without keeping the skin moisturized it will dry out, flake, and easily form wrinkles.

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