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Skin Care Products For Men

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Skincare for men is important and often overlooked. Although an overwhelming majority of men don’t have to worry about taking off their makeup every night, they should still worry about morning to night skin care just like women.

The skin, whether of male or female, is the largest and most exposed organ of the human body. It has 19,000 skin cells per square inch and those cells work had everyday to regulate the body’s temperature by pores and perspiration and protect vital organs from the environment. It is the first line of defense against the elements and should be treated with respect. Outdoor, labor intensive jobs are more often performed by men than women because of their body’s natural build, which means their skin experiences more abuse.

Men traditionally spend less time grooming themselves than women do, and in turn, their skin becomes neglected. Morning care for men usually involves facial shaving, which scrapes the skin down to pores, all while removing dead skin. This removal of dead skin can be excellent skin care, however when their skin isn’t rehydrated with moisturizers, it becomes dried out. Certain balms and pre-shave lotions can help quell the sensitive facial skin and minimize burns and cuts. Morning skincare should always include some sort of daily moisturizer, lotions to realize puffy eyes, cleansers and SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreens.

It’s important, especially during the wintry and driest months, to keep the skin hydrated. The areas of the body that are most prone to dryness are the lower legs, arms, side and thighs. There are two main type of body moisturizers to keep in stock. Occlusives block water from evaporating from the skin cells with the use of its active ingredient, petroleum jelly. Humectants draw water towards to surface of the skin from inside, acting as an internal hydration. Vitamin and botanical oils are newer active ingredients found in body lotions and help keep the body hydrated year round.

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