Although both are treated by a dermatologist, cosmetic concerns are significantly different from medical concerns. Medical concerns require immediate, short or long-term treatment because of the threat to a patient’s health. Such medical concerns may be acne, cancerous lesions, and vision impairing facial growths. A cosmetic concern can rise from embarrassment, unsightly non-cancerous blemishes, unwanted fat and uneven skin surface or tone. Risks of cosmetic laser treatments are temporary effects that include immediate pain, reddening of the skin, bruising and swelling, blistering, burns, lightening or darkening of the skin and in some rare cases infection.

Cosmetic procedures can also vary greatly in expense depending upon which procedure a patient desires. Certain procedures require follow ups or multiple procedures in order to attain a certain level of results. Recovery time should also come into consideration when choosing a procedure with your dermatologist.

Non-invasive face lifts and fat reduction procedures for example have little to no downtime, with the possibility of only minor reddening, swelling or peeling. Surgical procedures can lead up to weeks of downtime and dermatology visits in order to assure proper results were achieved. Depending upon a patient’s cosmetic goals, health and wellbeing, Dr. Rokhsar will advise the right approach and technique based on his extensive experience as a fellowship trained cosmetic dermatologist.

The best way to minimize your risks or concerns is to maximize your knowledge and awareness of what would be best for your wants and needs. Consultation with Dr. Rokhsar will provide the best options and reassured results.

Dr. Rokhsar is a world authority on minimally invasive procedures to address cosmetic concerns with a variety of lasers on site. Dr. Rokhsar’s experience and extensive knowledge allows him to effectively treat a variety of cosmetic concerns without leaving behind unsightly surgery scars.